London lockdown chaos: Police confront protesters as tensions rise in capital | UK | News


London police were forced to intervene with large crowds in the streets of the capital on Thursday evening. Clashes erupted between police and people protesting the second coronavirus lockdown. Images are circulating on social media of police detaining people for their behavior during protests.

In one video, an individual can be seen being pinned to the ground before being apprehended by two other officers.Other police quickly rushed to surround the police officers apprehending the individuals as a public crowd began to form.

The crowd quickly begins to boo loudly as many pull out their phones to record the incident.

During a press briefing on Thursday evening, Boris Johnson insisted a second national lockdown was needed to stop the spread of the virus.

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He also addressed his recent criticisms and skeptics and asserted that the measures would be relaxed on December 2 as planned.

However, Mr Johnson admitted he was aware of the frustrations of the British entering another lockdown.

He said: “The advice I have received suggests that four weeks is enough for these measures to have a real impact.

“These rules will expire and on December 2 we plan to revert to a tiered approach. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

“These are difficult times. As much as it pains me to have to ask so many dropouts once more, I know we can get over it. ”

MPs chose to back the four-week lockdown in England on November 4, with the government winning the vote by 516 to 39, a majority of 477.

Mr Johnson saw a rebellion of 34 Tory MPs who opposed the move with the support of the Labor Party.

Since plans for a second lockdown leaked last Saturday, Mr Johnson has argued this is the best way forward for England at this point.

In the House of Commons, he said: “While it pains me to call for such restrictions on life, liberty and business, I am convinced that these restrictions represent the best and safest way for our country, our people and our economy.

“So now is the time for us to put our differences aside and focus on the next four weeks, in order to bring this virus back to its box.

“And I know that, once again, our wonderful country will respond to adversity by doing the right thing – staying home, protecting the NHS and saving lives. “


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