London coronavirus cases drop in almost all boroughs, some reaching Type 1 levels


COvid-19 cases are dropping in 30 of London’s 32 boroughs and reaching Tier 1 levels in part of the city center, official figures reveal today.

They show that 22 districts experienced a drop of at least a fifth of confirmed cases in the week leading up to November 24, compared to the previous seven days.

In central London, so crucial to the UK economy, Westminster saw its rate drop to just below 100 new cases per week (99.9) per 100,000 population, which was a level used as one of the thresholds trigger to previously move zones from level 1 to level 2.

In Camden the rate is 84.1, in Southwark 104.8, in Islington 114.7, Kensington & Chelsea 117.2 and Lambeth 119.9.

Only two boroughs are experiencing increases, and they are very small, the cases of Redbridge up by 1.5% and that of Waltham Forest by 0.5%.

London’s rate as a whole fell to 158.3 on November 24, down from what increasingly looks like the second wave peak about ten days earlier of 199.4.

The numbers reinforced the case for placing London at Level 2, rather than Level 3, as will happen on Wednesday, meaning restaurants and many pubs will be able to reopen, even if they cannot serve as alcohol than with a heavy meal. .
Cabinet Minister Michael Gove is said to have strongly advocated during a critical meeting last Wednesday that the entire capital should submit to the most draconian restrictions.

However, other Cabinet ministers have argued for Level 2 for London, which has not seen cases rise as quickly and as high as many cities in the North and Midlands during the second wave.

Boris Johnson reportedly intervened by saying that he had listened to Mr Gove but that the government had to take into account the economic impact of Tier 3 on the capital, the engine of the British economy, and spoke in favor of the Tier 2.

A spokesperson for Mr. Gove declined to comment on the “private discussions of Cabinet committees.”

Mr Gove fully supports the conclusions of the committee.
Some MPs, whose domains are level 2 or 3, many of whom have been moved to a higher level and some even two, are complaining that London has been given preferential treatment.

However, the latest drop in cases seems to point even more strongly towards Tier 2 for the capital, especially since its network of hospitals is better able to cope with an increase in Covid admissions in the coming months than those many other cities.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock, however, warned Capital it could be moved to Level 3 if Londoners flout social distancing and self-isolation rules and cases start to rise.

The actual number of cases is believed to be several times the total confirmed cases.

Official figures show that in the seven days leading up to November 24, there were 320 confirmed cases in Wandsworth, down 239 (42.8%) with a rate of 97.1, in Camden 227 cases, down from 112 (33%) with a rate of 84.1, Hammersmith & Fulham cases 244, down from 114 (31.8%) with a rate of 131.8, Westminster 261 cases, down from 120 (31.5% ) with a rate of 99.9, Sutton 253 cases, down 116 (31.4%) with a rate of 122.6, Hackney and City of London 381 cases, down 153 (28.7%) with a rate of 131, Lewisham 280 cases, down from 112 (28.6%) with a rate of 91.6, Havering cases 746, down to 287 (27.8%) with a rate of 287.4.
Bromley 416 cases, down 142 (25.4%) with rate of 125.2, Richmond 174 cases, down 59 (25.3%) with rate of 87.9, Kingston 257 cases, down 81 (24%) with a rate of 144.8, Bexley 529 cases, down from 165 (23.8%) with a rate of 213.1, and Harrow 375 cases, down from 116 (23.6%) ) with a rate of 149.3.
Islington recorded 278 cases, down from 85 (23.4%) with a rate of 114.7, Kensington and Chelsea 183 cases, down from 56 (23.4%) with a rate of 117.2, Hillingdon 530 cases, down from 161 (23.3%) with rate of 172.7, Ealing 655 cases, down from 192 (22.7%) with rate of 191.6, Barnet 549 cases, down from 155 (22%) with a rate of 138.7, Lambeth 391 cases, down from 106 (21.3%) with a rate of 119.9,
Merton 307 cases, down 82 (21.1%) with a rate of 148.6, Tower Hamlets 668 cases, down 174 (20.7%) with a rate of 205.7, Greenwich 462 cases, in decrease from 117 (20.2%) with a rate of 160.4, Enfield 634 cases, down from 137 (17.8%) with a rate of 189.9,
Brent 582 cases, down 122 (17.3%) with a rate of 176.5, Haringey 334 cases, down 60 (15.2%) with a rate of 124.3, Croydon 550 cases, down 94 (14.6%) with rate 142.2, Hounslow 479 cases, down 78 (14%) with rate 176.4, Southwark 334 cases, down 38 (10.2%) with a rate of 104.8, Barking and Dagenham 527 cases, down 43 (7.5%) with a rate of 247.5, and Newham 771 cases, down six (0.8 percent) with a rate from 218.3.
Redbridge had 901 cases, up 13 (1.5 percent) with a rate of 295.2 and Waltham Forest 587 cases, up three (0.5 percent) with a rate of 211.9.


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