London anti-lockdown protests result in 155 arrests


Anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine protesters joined forces to cross London on Saturday in defiance of the nationwide lockdown, prompting 155 arrests.

About 400 protesters led by the Save Our Rights UK group carried signs saying ‘Stand up for freedom, stand up for humanity’ and ‘No more lies, no more masks, no more lockdowns’ as they walked through the shopping district of London city center and St James’s Park near Westminster.

England’s current lockdown ends Wednesday. Multi-level restrictions are expected to come into effect when the wider lockdown ends.

Cops lining the streets were booed and given chants of ‘shame on you’, the BBC reported, as protesters, many not wearing face masks, ignored requests to leave.

Metropolitan police said they intercepted and turned back buses full of people trying to join the protests. Civil rights groups have argued that the right to safely protest should be explicitly exempted from virus-related restrictions.

About 155 protesters have been arrested, according to Reuters, on charges ranging from assaulting a police officer to drug possession and violating coronavirus restrictions.


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