Lockdowns, Round 2: New virus surge invites restrictions and dismissal


So far, few officials have reverted to the most restrictive measure used in the spring, a full stay-at-home order. But the Navajo Nation has reinstated its stay-at-home order after health officials warned of the virus spreading out of control in dozens of communities across the vast reservation.

The order, one of the most aggressive antivirus measures in the country, went into effect Monday and is set to last for three weeks. During this time, all roads in the Navajo Nation are closed to visitors, residents are required to stay at home except for urgent travel, and most government offices will be closed. Essential businesses like gas stations and grocery stores are allowed to open, but only from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Having warned that serious action was needed to prevent another wave of deaths, Philadelphia officials on Monday announced sweeping measures to shut down indoor restaurants, gyms, museums and libraries, shut down learning in person in high schools and colleges until the end of 2020. and ban all indoor gatherings of people from multiple households, even in private homes.

“It means no indoor parties, group meals, football watching groups, no inter-household visits, no indoor weddings, funerals, baby showers,” said Dr Thomas Farley , city health commissioner. “We know this is a very strong policy, but it affects the most important distribution sites.”


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