LIVE UPDATES: Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler tests positive for coronavirus amid second-round campaign


U.S. Senator Kelly Loeffler will be quarantined after testing positive, negative and inconclusive results in three separate tests for COVID-19, the Georgia Republican campaign announced on Saturday.

Some facts about the second round of the Georgia Senate

    • Georgia will hold 2 rounds of voting in the Senate on January 5 because no candidate obtained the required majority of votes in the elections on November 3
    • The second round will decide which party controls the Senate

Loeffler first tested negative on Friday morning with a rapid results test ahead of two campaign events she held with Vice President Mike Pence.

She also had a PCR test on Friday, which came back positive later that day, campaign spokesman Stephen Lawson said, and a third test on Saturday was inconclusive.

“Senator Loeffler followed the CDC’s direction in informing those with whom she had direct contact while awaiting the results of further testing,” her campaign said. “She is symptom-free and will continue to follow CDC guidelines by quarantining herself until the retest is successful and an update is provided at that time. ”

Loeffler faces a second challenge from Democrat Raphael Warnock on January 5, while his Senate colleague David Perdue, also from Georgia, takes on Democrat Jon Ossoff on the same day. The two elections in Georgia will help determine control of the Senate at the next Congress.

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