LILLEY: We can’t let Trudeau sideline prime ministers in battle against COVID-19


They “reduced the footprint” to use their own words and did not replace the expiring material. By the time COVID-19 hit, there were only a few weeks of equipment to support the provinces instead of the 16-week supply recommended by Dr Theresa Tam before becoming Chief Medical Officer of Health.

The liberals also cut the Global Public Health Intelligence Network, an early warning system for pandemics that had alerted the world to the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa and other problems. Rather than keeping the unit running, they told medics to study issues like vaping.

The remaining reports have been ordered to give more weight to official government sources over local media, meaning that when COVID-19 broke out, the Chinese government’s lies matter more than reports about field.

The federal government has also failed horribly in managing the border. When I returned from Florida in mid-February, the COVID-19 projection only asked if I had been to Wuhan, China. The virus had started to spread to other places, our screening has not caught up.

The Trudeau government not only failed to close the borders early enough, but it failed to control and regulate.

I could go on to the federal government’s hiccups on issues like rent relief or wage subsidy programs for businesses and the Trudeau government’s desire to use the pandemic as a “rest” to put new systems in place. economical, but I think you get the point.

When it comes to a health crisis like COVID-19, the federal government has a limited role and it has seriously botched it. It would be a colossal mistake to have them take over areas that they have no experience of operating when they have failed so badly at doing their main job.

Fortunately, Trudeau realizes that, too bad his sycophants don’t.


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