“Lightness at times of difficulty” – CBS New York


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Like all things 2020, Thanksgiving is different this year.Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade had the usual attributes of floats and musical performances, but no crowds.

That hasn’t stopped families from craning their necks a block away, trying to catch a glimpse of their favorite balloons.

“It cheers you up. It’s Thanksgiving, it’s the start of the holiday season, ”Midtown resident Rachel Rebholz told CBS2’s Christina Fan.

Typically, 3.5 million spectators line the 2.5 mile parade route from the Upper West Side to Herald Square. This year everyone has been told to stay home because of the pandemic.

Photo gallery: Macy’s 2020 Thanksgiving Day Parade Without the Crowds

The organizers of the parade even reduced the total number of participants by 88%. Instead of handlers, balloons were installed on specialized vehicles.

“We actually have vehicles that will be carrying those big balloons down the street,” said Susan Tercero, executive producer of Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

Colleen Hutchens, who watches with her family every year, was grateful that the tradition found a way to continue.

“Since we’re having such a different Thanksgiving this year, I think it’s good to have this thing that’s the same,” she said.

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Some New Yorkers disappointed the sight disguised as their own inflatable figures, making onlookers smile. A man posed for photos as he waddled down Fifth Avenue like an explosive turkey.

Zeev Kirsh and Kaitlin Lawrence decided to throw their own mini-parade to keep the magic alive.

“We had this vision of him in a turkey costume just holding a ball, walking down the street, and it brought us so much joy, so we had to make it happen,” Lawrence said.

A miracle on 34th Street.



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