Lidl employee shares checkout tips he thinks you should always follow at checkout


When it comes to fast supermarket checkouts, we often think of Aldi, but it turns out that some Lidl staff would like you to pay a little faster as well. This is according to an article written by an anonymous Lidl employee on social media, reports The Sun.

The post, on a Lidl Appreciation Facebook group, explains two main things shoppers can do at checkout to speed things up.

These include putting your scanned items right into your cart or basket instead of wrapping them in bags and having coupons ready to go while in the queue.

Do you shop at Lidl? (photo in stock)

They wrote, “We are a discount store, we have less staff, which means we have to work harder, which means less running costs, so you benefit from the savings.

“The time it takes you to get your cheap plastic bags out and sort them, (they don’t sit properly so it takes you longer) you take some time to put the first two items in each bag, you ask me to scan and pass you some items from the belt while the side has a lot of items waiting for you for the bag.

“It all takes a long time, during that time I could have served the next customer. ”

They added that if shoppers wanted to pack bags at checkout, they would have to use “bigger and more durable” bags, so they could keep pace with the checkout.

Prepare your bags and coupons in the queue (photo in stock)

The employee added that another way to save time is for shoppers to collect their bags and any coupons they want to use when they’re in the queue, instead of trying to find them in the packing area.

Faster payment, they added, would be “safer” for everyone during the pandemic.

“Also right now… there is a pandemic (I know, you wouldn’t have guessed it), the number of people we come into contact with on a daily basis is a lot.

“The faster you move, the less contact… we don’t want to catch this thing, some of us already have illnesses… so the Rona could make us very sick.” ”

Mirror Online has contacted Lidl for comment.

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