Lewis Hamilton’s bravery stood out at 10 – what he’s done since then is extraordinary | sport


isIt is impossible to compare drivers through different eras of motor racing, they can only be truly judged in their time. But what I can say without hesitation about Lewis Hamilton now that he has won his seventh world championship is that he is, a million miles away, the greatest driver of his generation and you can tell that he will become the greatest Formula 1 driver of all time.So far the biggest for me has been Juan Manuel Fangio because I was a kid of that time and Fangio won five championships when drivers were killed and he did it with four different manufacturers. It was an exceptional record, no one thought it could be broken. Then Michael Schumacher came in and took seven and one match that didn’t look realistic. Now there is Lewis not only equaling Michael, but in every position to get better as the most successful driver in F1. There could easily be an eighth and a ninth championship and at the moment it’s hard not to imagine him as his talent and the technical expertise that Mercedes has shown are mind-blowing.


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