Lawyers decided to quit Trump case after chaotic Four Seasons Landscaping press conference


Lawyers who had vowed to work with the Trump campaign to challenge the election results reportedly backed off after Rudy Giuliani’s disastrous press conference in the parking lot of a suburban Philadelphia landscaping company.

Politico reports that campaign staff were horrified when they learned of the event, hosted by Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, and attempted to have it canceled.

Nonetheless, the press gathered at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping – not the Four Seasons Hotel – between an adult bookstore and a crematorium, and listened to the former New York mayor complain about conspiracy theories regarding the count. voices.

The entire episode was ridiculed around the world and undermined the legal strategy that had been planned before the election.

Many of the lawyers the campaign had spent months recruiting no longer wanted to be involved.

“I can’t imagine that a rational person” in the general public “wouldn’t be affected by the way he conducts himself,” said Barry Richard, who represented George W. Bush in the 2000 Florida recount.

Politico reports that the announcement on Friday that Mr Giuliani would take charge of any new post-election litigation stunned many observers, with some members of the Republican Party and the campaign saying that the president’s attorney’s actions thwart any chance that ‘they have to successfully challenge the results.

It could even spoil any future political ambitions Mr. Trump may nurture.

The move to promote Mr Giuliani is also seen by Republican officials as an implicit recognition that Mr Trump’s legal options are drawing closer, and a sign that he is determined to get the guns out, according to Politico.

There is a sense of resignation that the election is coming to an end.

Since June, the campaign has brought together teams of attorneys in the Swing States in a strategy overseen by Citizens United President David Bossie.

Targeting the lawsuits for each state based on the circumstances, the intention was to reduce Joe Biden’s advances in the swing states to the point of triggering recounts.

Mr. Giuliani, on the other hand, has appeared independently on Fox News with wild allegations of widespread electoral fraud, telling the rest of Trump’s legal team that they are not aggressive enough.

Mr. Giuliani’s promotion could see the final days of the Trump campaign defined by the pursuit of parallel legal strategies with little hope of success.

Cases in Michigan and Pennsylvania are still pending, but a lawsuit in Arizona was dropped on Friday.

“There is no basis, no basis” to quash the election, said Mr. Richard, former Bush lawyer. Politico. “They won’t win this. All of these cases, I think, will be dismissed by the end of next week.


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