Laurence Fox claims he had a ‘delicious’ lunch with a ‘large group’ of friends in a series of anti-lockdown tweets


LAurence Fox bragged about having a ‘delicious’ lunch with a ‘large group’ of friends in an apparent lockdown violation.

The actor, who said the group had also ‘hugged’ during the meeting, made the statements in a series of tweets as he hit the new tier system and said the NHS was no longer not “fit for purpose” if he couldn’t cope. the Covid-19 pandemic.

He tweeted: “We just had a big group for lunch and we hugged, ate, talked and put the world in order.
“It was lovely. You will never take it away from people.
“Stay outside. Protect your rights.
“If the @nhs cannot cope, then the @nhs is not suitable. Conformity is violence. ”
Twitter users quickly shut down the Metropolitan Police account, urging officers to fine them.
If you break the foreclosure rules, you could get a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN). Since March, nearly 20,000 have been issued.
Fines start at £ 200 and go up to £ 6,400. Large parties can be shut down by police – with fines of up to £ 10,000.
In another tweet, Mr Fox urged people, “Get out. Have fun. Be happy. ”
He also criticized the new tier system, which is due to be voted on tomorrow by MPs and come into effect on Wednesday, if passed in the House of Commons.
He wrote: “No more lockdown restrictions beyond December 2. Any. We need a full investigation into how governments handle this pandemic as soon as possible.

Laurence Fox talks about being trolled on talkRADIO

“We must remember to never give up our freedom again, under such spurious circumstances.”
He also said of the NHS: “The @ nhs is not my church and my salvation. These are the employees not my saviors.
“If you can’t cope with a virus with a 99.9% survival rate, you are not fit to do it. You don’t need protection, my elderly parents do. I also love your emergency care and will continue to pay for it. For the moment. ”
Mr Fox appeared to share a screenshot of journalist Ben Hunte’s Twitter profile alongside the post: “Glad I’m not paying for this anymore.”
The message appears to have since been deleted.
Mr Hunte said Mr Fox’s original tweet sparked discriminatory messages against him and his family, and that he would “let the police take over.”
Mr. Fox and the Metropolitan Police have been approached for comment.


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