Latest coronavirus infection rates for each borough of Greater Manchester


The rate of Covid-19 infection continues to fall in all boroughs of Greater Manchester, according to the latest government figures.The region’s overall rate now stands at 246.9, the lowest since late September.

In the week ending November 23, there were exactly 7,000 confirmed Covid cases in Greater Manchester, which is 3,796 fewer cases than the week before.

This represents a weekly drop of 35.2%, the largest percentage drop in cases seen in the region since Public Health England began reporting results of community Pillar 2 testing.

Coronavirus infection rates in Greater Manchester for the week ending 23 November

The infection rate is falling fastest in Salford, where there was a 47% drop in cases for the week ending November 23.

The rate is also declining rapidly in Tameside where the borough has seen a 44% drop in cases.

Bury, Bolton and Wigan now all have infection rates below 300 per 100,000 population.

Trafford is the only borough in the region that falls below the national average weekly infection rate of 186.7.

In Stockport, the rate fell below 200 for the first time on October 3. Tameside is also expected to fall below the 200 level tomorrow according to current projections.

Oldham and Rochdale have the highest infection rates in the region, but cases are also on a downward trend in both regions.

The downward trend is more pronounced in all boroughs of Greater Manchester than in England as a whole, where cases are down 28% compared to the most recent figures.

The latest infection rates for the week ending November 23 for Greater Manchester are:

Oldham – 340.8, and down the 32 pc

Rochdale – 337.7, down 29 pc

Bury – 278, down 32 pc

Bolton – 277.9, down 33 pc

Wigan – 269.9, down 29 pc

Manchester – 228.3, down 33 pc

Salford – 214.0, down 47 pc

Tameside – 207.1, down 44 pc

Stockport – 193.6, down 35 pc

Trafford – 156.3, down 46 pc

There were exactly 7,000 confirmed cases in Greater Manchester for the week ending November 23, which is 3,796 fewer cases than the week before

Despite the continued downward trend in numbers, our region will again be placed in government level 3 measures when the lockdown ends next week.

The stricter system, which places tighter controls on the hospitality industry than before, will come into place on December 2.

The first tiered allocation review will take place on December 16.

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