Las Vegas voter discusses the healing process of his vote


Election office workers process ballots at the Allegheny County Election Returns Warehouse in Pittsburgh, Pa., Nov. 6. Gene J. Puskar / AP

There are still about 35,000 ballots pending in Allegheny County, Pa., But the results could start arriving today, CNN’s Brian Todd reports from an election returns warehouse in Pittsburgh.

“Some of them were postmarked before election day, others on election day. They come and they didn’t start counting until after election day, ”Todd reports.

Inside the election declaration warehouse in Pittsburgh, Todd described the vote counting process.

“These are the people who do the most critical work. We call them the return committee, ”he explained.

“They’re counting the ballots right now. Right now, the ballots we are told they count come from soldiers overseas … who have registered to vote in this county. Previously they had gone through damaged ballots, ”Todd told me.

He added that members of the returning committee had counted about 3,000 damaged ballots out of the 35,000 outstanding ballots. “We’re told they have about 3,500 military and overseas ballots that they go through,” Todd also noted.

There are another 29,000 additional ballots that also need to be counted, which are separated because they had “wrong information on them when they were mailed.” This has been corrected, ”Todd said.

“They were mailed back, and then people mailed them back, but because of this issue, by court order, they have to be counted from 5 p.m. ET today,” Todd explained.

Todd explained that an observer monitors the voting process from behind.

“Very transparent process,” Todd said, noting that there are cameras mounted in the room and monitors showing the voting process.

See Brian Todd’s report:


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