Larissa Dos Santos Lima Says Getting Fired From TLC Was ‘For The Best’ In Fan Q&A


After the old 90 day fiancé Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima divorced Colt Johnson, she took on the challenge of transforming from head to toe. The Brazilian-born beauty, who now lives in Colorado with boyfriend Eric Nichols, has undergone major weight loss, along with cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation, Brazilian butt lift, rhinoplasty, liposuction, Botox, fillers and a tummy tuck.

However, Larissa’s plastic surgery wasn’t just for her own benefit. The 34-year-old launched a career on OnlyFans and the adult webcam site CamSoda, which ultimately led to TLC firing her. In a recent Instagram Q&A with fans, the former 90 day fiancé The star answered questions from curious viewers about OnlyFans modeling, plastic surgery, and her feelings about leaving TLC behind.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima | Bryan Steffy / Getty Images for Crazy Horse 3

Larissa gave advice to fans on developing a platform on OnlyFans

Larissa recently took her Instagram Stories to answer 90 day fiancé burning questions from fans on all things modeling, OnlyFans, and plastic surgery. The former TLC star has been very open in recent months about developing a more ‘rip off’ attitude and entrepreneurial outlook after appearing on reality TV.

Many of Larissa’s followers wanted to know how to be successful on OnlyFans, where Larissa claimed to earn a lot more than she had earned in her years. 90 day fiancé. The Brazilian mom told a fan that signing up for OnlyFans was “very easy” – but being successful on the platform would take a lot of ambition and strategy.

As to how much money ‘ordinary people’ with no reality TV career could make on the platform, Larissa told fans, “It’s really hard to say. But I see girls who are real con artists expand their page [from] 3,000 to 30,000 and they are not “famous”. “

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Colt’s ex-wife offered a glimpse into the reality of plastic surgery

After Larissa went through one of the biggest physical transformations in 90 day fiancé history, she became a kind of spokesperson for plastic surgery. She has consistently endorsed the virtues of cosmetic procedures, building her confidence and restoring her self-esteem to help her launch a new career.

A curious fan wanted to know if Larissa’s Brazilian butt lift was worth it.

“Definitely worth it,” Larissa replied. “But plastic surgery is not easy.” She explained that the process did not end with the surgery itself. Recovery can be “very difficult”.

“You can’t expect the results you see on IG all at once,” Colt’s ex added.

The former TLC star also told a fan that she was actually nervous about her surgeries. Fortunately, she was satisfied with the skills and professionalism of her surgeon (Dr Lane Smith) and her anesthetist.

Larissa also revealed that she funded her plastic surgery so that she could pay it back in installments. But, she told her supporters, there was an even easier way to cover the cost.

“Start your OnlyFans,” she advised her fans. “It’s the easiest way. In a week, you will pay for your surgery. “

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Former 90 Day Fiancé star says quitting TLC was ‘for the best’

After Larissa was fired from TLC, 90 day fiancé fans have invaded his social networks to express their disappointment. For many fans of the show, Larissa was one of the highlights – especially due to her larger-than-life personality and ongoing drama with Colt.

But Larissa appears to have taken the lead in the stride, using it to catapult her into other ventures.

“You were the life of the show,” wrote one fan. “Without you, it won’t be the same, hou hoo!”

Larissa reassured her supporters that “other opportunities” would certainly present themselves. In the meantime, she added, she still had OnlyFans and YouTube to tell her story.

“I wish TLC didn’t fire you,” another disciple wrote to Larissa. But she said there was an unexpected benefit to being fired, especially after her ICE detention and possible deportation drama in September 2020.

“It was for the best,” Larissa replied in her Instagram stories. “I’m very happy they didn’t film my arrest from the ice, and I can handle the most critical part of my immigration journey in peace.”

Now, Larissa explained, she had more privacy, as well as more autonomy to tell her own story instead of having it told for her by a television network.


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