Lakers rumors: Anthony Davis withdraws from contract and enters free agency


Anthony Davis stepping down from his contract to enter free agency was always going to be a day when Lakers fans would feel a little nervous, so I’m sorry to say that day is finally here.

According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Davis made it official and decided to enter the 2020 free agent class:

Now, before we panic, let’s remember that it was planned. It was reported the week the Lakers won the championship that Davis was planning to step aside and re-sign with the Lakers. This is only the first step in getting there.

Davis may also have said he had ‘no idea’ what he would do in free agency, but that too is easily explained as it’s probably true that he hasn’t decided what type yet. of contract he will sign again with the Lakers. on specifically.

Does he go for a 1 + 1, securing him for a year and aligning his next player option with that of LeBron James? Does he go for a 2 + 1 for increased financial security and the ability to opt out and take on the biggest 10-year contract at most in two years? Will he sign a long term agreement to make sure he secures the bag right away? Whatever he chooses, Davis has a few options, even if he’s just going back to the Lakers.


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