La La Anthony defended Kim Kardashian’s birthday party


“People are going to have something to say about everything. “

Not only did she plan a huge birthday party, but she transported her friends and family to a private island where they could celebrate together – in the midst of a pandemic. And then, she bragged about it all over social media.

In an Instagram post, Kim explained that after two weeks of health screenings, she surprised her “closest inner circle” with the trip to the island. After describing all of their activities, she wrote: “I realize that for most people this is something that is so out of reach right now, so at times like these I remember humbly how privileged my life is. “

Clearly, the internet was appalled by its obnoxious display of wealth during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. You know where tons of people are struggling financially and emotionally, not to mention getting sick and dying.

@KimKardashian loves to take a birthday trip, but posting it all over social media right now is a disgusting tone at best

Jenna Quigley / Twitter: @ JBomb11

Earlier this week, Khloé Kardashian responded to the backlash on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. When the talk show host spoke about the audience’s response to the party, Khloé said, “I didn’t hear much about it, but I heard people were upset that we all came out. the city. (…) I want this to eclipse all the greatness that has happened. ”

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Girl, if you think we were just upset that you ‘got out of town’, I think you missed it.

And now, La La Anthony, one of Kim’s closest friends, has spoken out against the outcry over the birthday party.

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“I just know we live in a world where people will have something to say about everything,” she said. Entertainment tonight. “There is something going to be said about everything. You’re wearing a black top, you should have worn a red one. You wore a blue top, why weren’t you wearing black? “

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I don’t know about you, but I feel like there is a BIG difference between choosing fashion and displaying your wealth – not to mention putting lives at risk – during a pandemic.

“It’s just the world we live in, and I’m not really too caught up on that. “

“I know what we all do individually when it comes to charities, using our platforms, voting, reforming prisons, the millions of things we do. The television personality continued.

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“We’re just trying to help the world in general, and that’s what matters to me. It’s not just about going to an island and taking a nice photo. I mean, there’s a lot more to what we all do on a daily basis. daily lives like that. That is what matters. I prefer to amplify this side of what we do. ”

What do you think of Kim K’s party and La La’s defense? LMK in the comments below!

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