Kilian Jornet abandons his 24-hour world record attempt after 11 a.m.


In a disappointing end to his 24-hour world record attempt, Kilian Jornet officially retired, shortly after crossing the 11-hour, 134.8-kilometer mark. Jornet had actually left the track some time before, but those following the attempt hoped he would be able to come back and make up for lost time. When he crashed he was on track to break the six mile record (the record, set by the Greek ultrarunning legend Yiannis Kouros in 1997, is 188.5 miles or 303.56 kilometers).

Advertisers said Jornet officially ended the record attempt, experienced extreme dizziness, and his doctor advised him to stop the attempt (although other sources report he was having problems. with his knee).

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Five riders remain in the event. Of the five, only one, Sebastian Conrad Håkansson, is currently on the way to breaking the record and has already set a new Norwegian record in 12 hours.

Records like this, when successfully broken, usually aren’t much so – so a 25 minute break can be fatal. Conditions are difficult, with the local temperature several degrees below 0 Celsius at 11 p.m. local time and the track slippery with ice.

Runners change direction on the track every four hours.

Viewers can follow the progress of the remaining runners here.


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