Kenneth Copeland maniacally mocks media for calling U.S. election for Biden


Conservative televangelist Kenneth Copeland laughed uncontrollably at Joe Biden’s presidential victory over the weekend and slammed the media for declaring him the winner against the losing Donald Trump.

“The media said what?” Asked Mr. Copeland. “The media said Joe Biden’s president,” he said hysterically as he addressed an audience at the Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Nebraska on Sunday who applauded.

Speaking from a garden center parking lot in Philadelphia when he learned that Mr. Biden had been declared the winner by several networks, Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, also said that: “Networks cannot decide on elections, the courts do ”.

The Associated Press and other networks, which traditionally qualify the winners in the US election, had projected Pennsylvania, the constituency and therefore the presidency on Saturday, after nearly four days of counting.

But supporters of the Republican president, including Mr. Copeland and Mr. Giuliani, challenged the electoral process amid unsubstantiated claims that Democrats and officials committed “fraud.”

The Trump campaign has so far refused to concede and has claimed legal challenges are ongoing, although there is no evidence of alleged “fraud” in Tuesday’s presidential election.

Twitter users, meanwhile, made fun of Mr. Copeland, who was he told me to be “really satan”, while another user he told me the pastor provided “mass hysteria coupled with furious denial”.


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