Katie Price says ‘to eat is to kill’ 29th son Harvey as she fears for his future


Katie Price has spoken of her fears that her son Harvey will fall seriously ill because he cannot break his “obsession” with eating.The 42-year-old former model said Harvey, 18, weighed almost 29 and that there was no way to break his current feelings about food, like ‘if he doesn’t get food, he gets angry “.

Katie has previously appealed on social media for gym gear, in an effort to help Harvey curb his current lifestyle, but she worries he’s eating his way to untimely death.

She said Harvey’s relationship with food is linked to his disability along with his appetite caused by his genetic condition, Prader-Willi syndrome.

Katie now feels Harvey’s weight is straining his body and that he may be suffering from a heart attack, with doctors calling the situation “critical.”

Katie Price is scared for her son Harvey

Extreme measures were put in place at her home, with a lock on the fridge and locks on the cupboards, to try to stop Harvey from looting the food inside.

Speaking of Harvey’s conditions with The Sun, Katie described them as a “cruel disease” and that it “kills” him every time “I feed him”

Katie made an urgent appeal to her son, saying, “He needs to lose weight or he will die eventually. He doesn’t deserve this. I don’t want to lose it. ”

The problem Katie faces is that Harvey becomes violent if he is denied what he wants and she says “if he doesn’t get food he gets angry. This is a difficult work”.

Harvey Price is “obsessed” with food, which is caused by his conditions

The reality TV star said she had to ‘patch my walls’ after Harvey hit them with his angry head.

Katie said it’s what Harvey eats behind his back that is the biggest concern with his warning that he “even eats in his sleep”.

She seeks to take drastic action but admits there are additional difficulties as Harvey doesn’t like being homebound during the current lockdown.

Katie revealed that the situation is so bad that she tells him ‘he will die’ if this continues but Harvey replies, ‘No, don’t be silly, mom’s only joke. “

Katie Price asked for help with her son Harvey

Added to this is the problem with buying Harvey clothes as Katie said “there are only two stores on the internet” where she can buy them for him because “his clothes are 7XL”.

Katie worries that “the damage may be done” even if they are able to curb Harvey’s diet and that he will “sweat and gasp” if he walks up the stairs.

She seeks to introduce some exercise into Harvey’s life, taking it lightly and slowly to begin with.

Katie warned, however, “There is no time to wait, he has to lose weight now. ”

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