Katie Price caught filtering princess face as she poses with matching makeup


Katie Price has been criticized by followers after putting a filter on her teenage daughter’s face.
The mum-of-five came after a fire after sharing a series of snaps and videos of Princess with a jaw-dropping makeover, with the 13-year-old looking much older than her years with hair slicked back, false eyelashes and a face full of makeup. .

Former glamor model Katie gushed over her teenage daughter and bragged that the blonde beauty was her ‘mini-me’.

But despite the heavy makeup – including full eyebrows, smoky eyeshadow, and glossy lips – Katie still changed Princess’ face using a filter on her Instagram video.

Fans quickly noticed how Katie Price used a filter on her video of Princess

“Like a mother like a daughter,” she captioned the clip Boomerang, which showed her wiggling her own straightened locks as she pouted into the lens before panning from the camera to the camera. Princess, who copied her mother with her own kissing face pose.

Fans quickly spotted that the filter she used on her video didn’t quite match her face, as the Instagram-generated false eyelashes layered over her hair when she suddenly moved to take a lick. eye over his shoulder.

“The filter moved the lash from her eyes to Kate’s hair,” laughed one fan in the comments section.

Princess had glamorized with a professional makeup artist for fun – but fans noticed that Katie’s ‘eyelash’ moved strangely, proving it was a filter

Katie looked nothing like herself with the filter on

Others called her for slapping a filter on Princess.

“Katie, what are you doing?” You don’t need to change yourself that much !! (or your beautiful daughter), ”one wrote.

“Princess looks beautiful without the filters, I hate it when people put filters on their kids,” said another.

A third wrote: “I hope she has more peace of mind than her mother, she doesn’t need to do this. ”

And a fourth commented: “Too bad you encouraged to put on makeup at 13, kids don’t want to be kids anymore… ..”

Followers loved Princess’ glamorous look – but others criticized her mom for letting her wear full makeup

Katie bragged about her ‘mini-me’ daughter

“She’s a natural beauty that doesn’t need all that makeup,” added another follower.

Princess Peter Andre’s dad is yet to comment on his daughter’s new look, but has already objected to Katie beautifying her with makeup.

In 2010, he slammed his ex-wife when she shared a photo of the young princess in makeup with her slicked back curly hair.

“She’s a young girl with false eyelashes, full makeup for the whole world. To be honest I’m disgusted – I don’t want to see this, ”he said at the time.

Princess Tiaamii pictured wearing makeup and false eyelashes
Katie has already been criticized by ex Peter Andre for impersonating the princess

The princess has long been obsessed with her mother’s makeup

He did another dig at Katie in 2018 while commenting on singer Una Healy’s decision to let her daughter Aoife-Belle wear cosmetics.

“A lot of kids love to dress up as mom, but personally I don’t like posting photos like this because it gets the wrong kind of attention,” he wrote in his new! magazine column.

“I’m not going for it or saying that his intentions were anything but positive, but it’s something I’m not doing. ”


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