Kate Middleton traps Meghan Markle and sharpens elbows in battle to win big role in royal family


Kate Middleton stunned royal fans and pundits with her “charisma” and “confidence” in a recent video appearance.

In the music video, revealing the top five tidbits from her landmark 5 Big Question investigation, the Duchess of Cambridge looks more confident, apparently sending a message to Meghan and the senior royals that she is capable of playing no ‘any future role within the cabinet.

A media outlet, citing a body language expert, claimed that Prince William’s wife had now found her marks in the cabinet and displayed a more “assertive” side.

The Duchess, known as a stereotypical girl before her engagement to Prince William in 2010, has turned into an experienced and trained woman in the recent clip.

Kate Middleton could “put William, Prince Harry and even Meghan Markle out of the way to present the most controversial issues” in the future, according to body language expert and author Judi James, who analyzed the latest clip from the duchess and shared the details with Express .co.uk.

Shedding light on Kate’s recent video appearance, the expert said: “It will be interesting to see if Kate’s delivery skills and evident charisma during this campaign give the royal firm the confidence to do so. also enter more controversial campaigns ”.

Judi reportedly said: “I think she made it clear here that she has unfortunately been under-exploited for several years and could easily cope with more impactful work, like Diana’s landmines and charities in Diana. struggle against AIDS.

“She might need to put William, Harry and even Meghan on the sidelines to present the more controversial issues, but there are recently several clues from her body language that Kate also has a harder side that doesn’t still been exploited. ”

The Duchess of Cambridge’s alleged disapproval of Meghan since joining the royal fold has been the subject of debate among royal experts on several occasions.

The mother-of-three reportedly snubbed Prince Harry’s wife by ignoring her on Commonwealth Day, which was Meghan’s last royal engagement before Megxit.

Kate Middleton’s ‘professional’ public speaking skills could see her take on a more difficult role in the royal family, according to Judi.

Judi said: “Kate Middleton’s perfect smile is legendary, adding that her ‘determination is clear in her facial expressions’.


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