Kate Middleton, Prince William ‘misses’ Prince Harry, Meghan’s ‘charisma’: report


Kate Middleton, Prince William ‘misses’ Prince Harry, Meghan’s ‘charisma’: report

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been accused of harboring negativity and jealousy towards Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

This claim was presented by Mr. Sean Smith, who, during his interview with Express UK explained, “I think a lot has happened behind the scenes that we are not told about. So was there jealousy? I think so, certainly jealousy between the two couples.

Mr Smith notes that “Harry and Meghan have megawatt charisma and William and Kate don’t.” Not only that, but Meghan’s accessibility is heavily tied to ‘so many people’.

“That visit she made to this Dagenham school on her farewell tour said everything you needed to know about Meghan Markle’s accessibility that others just don’t have. They try a lot to use Meghan Markle’s playbook, but it doesn’t seem true to me, it doesn’t work.

During his interview, Mr Smith explained how Meghan Markle could have become a gold mine for the royal family: “She could have done a lot for the royal family” but “they missed Meghan, I think he there is no question of that.

“She is, or was, related to so many people, so many of the population in a way that other members are not; they are an empowered group. Little girls would say she looks like me and it’s so nice to see that someone can make something that looks like me.

This is not the first time Mr Smith has raised the issue of the Duchess’s closeness. He first touched on the loss of the monarchy in his book Meghan incompris and according to an excerpt, wrote: “One of the saddest postscripts of Meghan’s exit from the UK is that she could have been someone for all this country to accept and someone within the royal family with whom we might feel a connection.

“In the modern world, standing up for women’s empowerment and expressing that concern, achieving success and self-wealth, and actually looking like a million plus girls and women across the country should have led to an embrace. warm, not to the death of a dream by a thousand cuts. The royal family missed their chance.


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