Kanye West admits defeat in US election – but says he will run for president again in 2024 | Ents & Arts News


Kanye West’s hopes of becoming the next US president have been dashed – but the rapper assured fans he would return in 2024.

Where is launched his campaign in July, but only managed to run for president in a handful of states due to a combination of missed deadlines and a lack of signatures.

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The 21 Grammy Award winner is said to have received around 57,000 votes in the 12 states he was in contention for. Over 130 million votes have been counted to date.

West shared a photo of himself silhouetted against the US electoral map on social media, with the post: “Welp Kanye 2024”.

“Welp” is an informal way of saying “oh good” and signifies disappointment.

However, deciding to look on the bright side nonetheless, West then changed his post simply to read “Kanye 2024”.

The singer also shared a collection of photos on social media, showing him voting for the first time – for himself.

West voted in Cody, Wyoming, tweeting: “God is so good Smiling face with smiling eyes Today I am voting for the first time in my life for the President of the United States, and it is for someone I really trust… me. ”

West had physically registered as a candidate on the ballot because he had not received enough signatures to run as an independent candidate in Wyoming.

West had also encouraged his fans to vote for him by adding him as a registered candidate on their own ballots.

Many were concerned that West’s campaign would turn some black voters away from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston also criticized those who intended to vote for the West, saying “it’s no fun voting for Kanye” and urging voters to “be responsible”.

While the rapper’s wife Kim Kardashian shared a photo on social media stating ‘I voted’, she declined to say if it was for her husband or not.

Previously, she had shared the numbers of the electoral hotline of the Democratic candidate for vice-presidency Kamala Harris.

Initially, a supporter of Donald Trump, West loaned $ 6.7million (£ 5.2) to his campaign, according to a filing with the Federal Election Commission.

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He is said to have spent at least $ 12million (£ 9.2million) on his own presidential campaign.

West, who is a devout Christian and strongly opposed to abortion, had vowed to focus on faith and family if he made it to the Oval Office.


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