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Isaac Brekken / Associated Press

Like many regularly used Undertaker GIFs, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes came off the mat when everyone thought he had been buried in this year’s MVP run thanks to another stellar performance during of Sunday’s 35-31 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders.

Victory set two standards. First, the Chiefs are the team to beat in the AFC West. Second, Mahomes jumped to the top of the MVP hierarchy.

At some point, the fatigue of greatness becomes very real. Ask Michael Jordan, LeBron James or Mike Trout. Each dominated their respective sport for so long that voters began to choose fewer candidates for the MVP.

MJ admitted that Karl Malone’s victory as MVP in 1996-97 led him to approach his second retirement.

“I’m not saying he didn’t deserve it. All I’m saying is that it fueled the fire for me, ”Jordan revealed to ESPN. The last dance documentary. “… I said, ‘OK, do you think he’s MVP? OK, okay. No problem.’ “

Take the GOAT mindset and juxtapose it with Mahomes. Obviously, the two approach their sports differently. However, they have a similar competitive fire. Mahomes became the NFL MVP at just 23 years old. He is the reigning Super Bowl MVP. No one should ever forget what they are capable of, especially in crucial moments.

Yet for most of that season, Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks had been built as the runaway’s favorite to capture equipment. To be fair, the six-time Pro Bowl signal caller performed exceptionally well in the first five weeks. He then threw three interceptions in a Week 7 overtime loss to rival Arizona Cardinals. In fact, Wilson has seven interceptions in his last five performances. The Seahawks are 2-3 in this stretch.

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In Wilson’s place, Kyler Murray resurrected like a phoenix from the ashes to claim his status as a leader MVP only to falter fairly quickly.

Arizona’s sophomore quarterback is the game’s main double threat. A spectacular and unlikely 43-yard draw for DeAndre Hopkins, now dubbed the ” Hail MurrayCertainly stoked the fires in Murray’s favor for a short time. A below-pound effort against the Seahawks’ dismal secondary defense. Thursday did not help matters.

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers entered this weekend as the league’s most effective quarterback. But he missed several shots in a 34-31 overtime loss Sunday to the AFC South-leading Indianapolis Colts.

An argument can be made in favor of Ben Roethlisberger based on the Pittsburgh Steelers’ unbeaten record after posting an 8-6 record in games without their franchise quarterback last year. The health of the 38-year-old gunslinger was the most important aspect of his success.

But this is not college football. The most prominent player on the best team does not automatically receive serious consideration for the biggest individual prize in the game.

Mahomes is different. He’s not just a great quarterback; he’s the best player in a quarterback-led league.

His latest performance shows that no matter when, how or why the Chiefs are in trouble, all they have to do is put the ball back into their franchisee’s hands and you’ll be fine.

Isaac Brekken / Associated Press

“We have Patrick Mahomes. I’m not worried about anything ”, half-rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire told reporters after the Chiefs’ last victory.

Derek Carr played exceptionally well against Kansas City. He and the Raiders had something to prove and showed what they are capable of becoming. Carr is on the cusp of becoming an elite quarterback. He looked like one throughout Sunday night’s game until the last practice in Las Vegas when he was forced to push the ball down – the Raiders had 19 seconds to cover 75 yards – which resulted in a Sealing interception of the game by goalkeeper Daniel Sorensen.

Take a second and think about where the chefs sat during this competition. The Kansas City defense struggled to slow down the Raiders’ offense, let alone stop it. Carr completed 74.2% of his passes for 275 yards and three scores. He showed how he could make pieces in rhythm and in exterior structure. The chiefs did not have much response during the night.

Carr’s performance puts Mahomes’ brilliance into perspective. Kansas City was behind by three points with 1:43 remaining, and there was never any question of scoring again. Mahomes paraded his 75-yard team in just seven games for the winning touchdown.

“I have the ultimate certainty that if we have the time we will score”, Mahomes told reporters.

What many may not see is how the quarterback created a big opportunity for tight end Travis Kelce.

Initially, the Raiders showed separate safeties at the time of the breakup. None of the receptors opened to the target. Mahomes broke his lockdown and began to move up the field, which drew security Johnathan Abram towards him. The quarterback’s movement abilities created space for Kelce for what ended up being a relatively easy touchdown with the game on the line.

As NFL Next Gen Statistics Of note, Mahomes completed nine of 15 passes when he was “on the run” for 105 yards and a touchdown. The number of yards is the best performance in that category this season.

That’s what Mahomes does. He does this stuff regularly. It doesn’t matter if he’s called upon to do so in what could amount to a meaningless regular season contest or the Super Bowl. Mahomes is the ultimate playmaker in the game.

According to Perform statisticsMahomes became the first quarterback in NFL history to post three straight efforts with 30 or more completions and a quarterback rating of over 100. During the season, the highest-paid player in the league has an outstanding touchdown / interception ratio of 27 to 2.

At 9-1, the Chiefs can argue that they are the best team in the NFL, even though the Steelers have yet to lose. Kansas City has just avenged its only loss. As long as Mahomes continues to be the same player he always has been, he will run away with the vote for a second MVP trophy and the Chiefs will be considered Super Bowl favorites.

During this time, all other candidates can rest in peace.

Brent Sobleski covers the NFL for Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter, @brentsobleski.


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