Kane’s challenge to Jake Paul prompts Twitter with Reaves


Evander Kane and Ryan Reaves do it again.
Rivals from the Pacific Division took to it several times via Twitter on Sunday and traded blows after Kane challenged YouTube star Jake Paul to a fight.

Jordan, Reaves’ brother, who plays for the CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders, also lashed out at Kane for challenging Paul, who was the topic of internet conversation Saturday night for mercilessly knocking out the former star of NBA Nate Robinson.

It was then that Kane stepped in and exchanged tweets.

The taunt on Reaves’ billboard stems from a stunt Kane performed in 2015. The Vancouver, B.C. native, as a member of the Sabers, took out an ad for model girlfriend Mara Teigen on the Hollywood Strip.

Kane and Reaves have traded blows on several occasions since the Sharks-Golden Knights playoffs in 2019. Their relationship isn’t strictly bad blood, however – the two have teamed up as members of the Hockey Diversity Alliance to call for the action of the NHL. concerning the problems of racial injustice in the United States.


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