JUSTICE LEAGUE Director Zack Snyder shares new take on his designs for Darkseid & Martian Manhunter


Zack Snyder appeared in The Nerd Queens’ League of Mayhem YouTube stream tonight, and he sent fans into a state of mind by sharing a preview of his designs for two DC Comics characters who were originally supposed to appear in the theatrical cut of Justice League: Darkseid et Martian Manhunter.We’ve already seen the Apokolips ruler as Uxas in the first ‘Snyder Cut’ trailer, but there is speculation that this piece of art – which will appear on a new t-shirt with a line of dialogue, “all existence must be mine” – will inform his last glance Darkseid.

Perhaps more excitingly, Snyder also gave fans a quick match of Martian Manhunter, who would have been revealed to be General Swanwick (Harry Lennix) had Snyder been able to see his original vision for the film until the end.

Oh, and if the filmmaker had a chance to introduce Catwoman to the DCEU, his first choice would be Guardians the actress Carla Gugino.

Snyder also promised that fans would see “something” else from the movie before the 17th, so a new trailer could be on the way very soon.Are you looking forward to the director’s cut Justice League? You can find out where the theatrical version is placed in our DCEU movie rankings below.

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You probably didn’t expect to see this at the bottom of the list! I am fully aware that I am in the minority here, but the James Wan hokey farce Aquaman the film did nothing for me.

Arthur Curry’s first solo film almost falls on itself in an attempt to change the perception that the DCEU was too “dark and depressing.” Wan’s film is bright, colorful (garish, really) and tries to inject a sense of fun, old-fashioned adventure into just about every scene. Unfortunately, he forgets to include little things like compelling characters and an engaging story along the way.

The script is shallow, the performances range from passable to downright blatant (seriously, where did they find the kid who played teenager Arthur?), And almost every line of dialogue is either an exhibit, a catchy snap, or a brotastic. , juvenile. -lining.

I laughed several times during this movie, but it certainly wasn’t at any of the “jokes”.

On the positive side, Aquaman features stunning graphics and brilliantly creative creature designs, which come together for a pretty fucked up finale – although at this point I was on my second check of the watch.

Suicide Squad

I actually enjoyed David Ayer’s Suicide Squad to some extent, but considering the movie we got was nowhere near as good as its awesome trailers had promised, it has to be considered a major disappointment.

The film starts off pretty well, but as it goes it gets more and more messy until it just loses all sense of cohesion. Add puzzling character choices, bizarre needle drops, and a pair of laughable villains to the mix and it’s not hard to see why so many fans and critics have rejected it entirely.

And even, Suicide Squad at its moments. Some individual scenes work very well (Batman’s face-to-face with Deadshot, for example) and the cast is mostly in shape, with Margot Robbie, Will Smith, and Viola Davis in particular performing great.

Not a full wash, but man, that should have been so much more.

Justice League

Image result for Justice League

Like many of his DCEU colleagues, I believe Justice League gets a bad rap and is a much more entertaining movie than many credit it with. That said, there’s no denying that the first big-screen team of DC’s best and brightest should have been a lot better.

What did not go well? It’s probably quicker to list what didn’t, but it’s clear that replacing Zack Snyder with Joss Whedon had a major impact on the finished product. Would it have been a better movie if either of them had been able to direct it all? We’ll probably never know (the “Snyder Cut” is possible, but unlikely), but it certainly would have been more consistent.

As it is, Justice League is loud, brash, campy, exciting, funny and… a little messy. Most of the characters are well served, however, and it’s fun to be had – it’s just a shame that this wasn’t the cinematic event DC fans were hoping for.


Image result for the film Shazam

Shazam! was envisioned as a more family-friendly DC film with the emphasis on the heart rather than courage, and in that regard, David F. Sandberg delivered. It’s endearing, funny and engaging (at least until it gets past its welcome), but it’s also too long, a little too twee and ultimately not particularly memorable.

That said, it’s never less than entertaining thanks to a terrific cast, a genuinely warm and fun script (take note, Aquaman), and exciting, if slightly uncertain, action sequences with CGI.

At the end of the day the children seemed to like Shazam!, and that’s really all that matters.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

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It really wouldn’t be accurate to call the critics for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice mixed up, as the majority of critics hated the film with a passion.

To be fair, Zack Snyder’s follow-up Steel man has a lot of problems. It’s messy, disjointed, about a good 20 minutes too long, and – especially for purists – offers drastically different interpretations of the iconic DC heroes of its title. But despite all that, I believe BVS is a little better than its reputation suggests.

I’m not one of those die-hard Snyder who thinks it’s some kind of a misunderstood masterpiece, but I think a lot of critics – and fans – have chosen to focus on what the movie has. does wrong while completely ignoring everything he has done right.

DC’s first Trinity big-screen reunion was certainly not the cinematic event it could (or should have) been, and this “Martha” scene is probably meant to be ridiculed and misunderstood in equal measure. for many years to come, but give it another watch on a cold rainy night and you might be surprised at how hard it holds up.

Wonder Woman

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For many, Wonder Woman will take the first place here, and that’s quite understandable. Not only was it the first solo outing on the big screen for one of the most popular superheroes in history, but it was also the first female-led comic book film of any great. studio since Elektra in 2005. Oh yeah, there was also the little business of a lot of people who were hoping Patty Jenkins’ movie was the one to “save” the DCEU.

While I’m not necessarily of the opinion that the DCEU needed to be saved, there’s no denying that Jenkins brought it out of the park.

If you thought WB was in desperate need of injecting some more heart into the DCEU, then Wonder Woman must have been a breath of fresh air. It’s funny, engaging and action-packed, with a strong emotional core and a Gal Gadot star turn. It does have a few issues (the third act flounders a bit and relies on cheese), but overall, Jenkins’ old-fashioned adventure served as a formidable setup for Diana’s cinematic future.

Birds of prey

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Birds of prey better than Wonder Woman? There wasn’t much in it, but Cathy Yan’s crazy girl gang flick just isn’t my cup of tea anymore. The film is currently struggling at the box office despite very positive reviews, and that’s a shame because BOP is an absolute blast.

If you’ve seen the trailers, you’ll get a pretty good idea of ​​how things play out. The movie isn’t really about clever twists or major surprises and the plot is very simple, even a little cliché. That’s not to say things are getting boring (one thing this movie is definitely do not, is boring) or that there’s no creativity on display, and the cornucopia of colorful characters is more than enough to keep us engaged.

Sure, it’s a bit uneven and maybe not as subversive as it would like, but, for my money, The Fantabulous Emancipation of a Harley Quinn is still the most purely entertaining movie on this list.

Steel man

Image result for the Man of Steel

Just as many will laugh at Aquaman place so low, Steel man coming second (first if you don’t count Joker like a DCEU movie) is bound to be a controversial choice. But, I honestly believe that Zack Snyder’s reboot of Superman remains one of the most underrated and underrated comic book movies of all time.

Highly controversial upon release and criticized by many critics, Snyder’s take on the iconic DC hero was widely criticized for being too ‘dark’, but look beyond the visual aesthetic and darker tone ( compared to Richard Donner’s films, at least) and the brightest themes most closely associated with the character come through.

The film also features incredible action sequences, a career best performance by Henry Cavill in the lead, and a mind-blowing score by Hans Zimmer.

There are a few issues, but, for the most part, Snyder was able to reboot Superman for the modern era and laid the groundwork for Warner Bros. DC movie universe shared. Granted, things didn’t quite work out moving forward – but Steel man was a great start.


Image result for the film Joker

Joker is not technically considered part of the DC Films universe due to its stand-alone nature, but until Warner Bros. officially confirms that he will in no way be linked to his larger universe, he earns a place in this list. If you don’t agree, that’s okay … just count Steel man like # 1!

All the surrounding hullabaloo Joker in preparation for its release turned out to be completely unfounded, but the film still remains a controversial and highly controversial film. While I certainly understand some of the criticism that has been leveled there, I believe Todd Philips’ Joker is a stunning achievement overall and the best DC Comics adaptation WB has produced in the modern age.

It is not an easy watch, there is no doubt about it. If you’re looking for a comic book movie getaway, this isn’t the movie for you. It’s violent, disturbing and rather dark. But it’s also a surprisingly drawn and haunting character piece with a fascinating score by Hildur Gudnadottir and a truly outstanding central performance.

It certainly won’t be for everyone and you could argue that Phillips revel in nihilism to some extent, but ultimately it’s an R-rated origin story for one of the most villainous. more deranged and murderous than fiction, and the film reflects that. It may not make you feel good, but it will make you feel something, and sometimes it’s enough.


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