Jordan Peele’s Next After Us Movie Gets July 2022 Release Date


Jordan Peele’s upcoming film, his sequel to We, will be released in July 2022. Peele bursts onto the horror scene with Get out. This critically acclaimed film won the award for Best Original Screenplay at the 2018 Oscars. It has since released We, also critically acclaimed. Both films also grossed over $ 250 million at the box office, a lucrative take for a horror film.

Peele found enormous success following his transition from the world of comedy to that of horror. Peele first rose to prominence for his comedy sketch. The actor, writer and director worked on MadTV before launch Key and Peele with Keegan-Michael Key. Since Get out, Peele has worked primarily with horror, including this year’s hit Lovecraft Country and the rebirth of classic anthology series The twilight zone. Peele also worked as a producer and screenwriter on the highly anticipated Candyman.

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Although details of this new project are being kept under wraps, according to Deadline, the film will be released in 2022. It is also said to be another entry into the horror genre and closely related to the social thriller commentary he has already established with his first two feature films. Universal Pictures has confirmed that the release date is July 22, a week after the release date of Fantastic beasts 3.

Even though the film will be released a week after a highly anticipated blockbuster, Peele and Universal are unlikely to be worried. Fantastic beasts 2 didn’t do so well at the box office, and its sequel had been in limbo until very recently. Additionally, horror movies have longer box office longevity and often have a lot less money to make in order to make a profit. Peele’s films have become highly anticipated events, both for their thrill and social commentary. This one will be a big draw for audiences, especially during the summer blockbuster season.

Both We and Get out were beloved for their socially conscious horror, with both films addressing racism, class issues and other topical issues. Peele integrates these themes into her horror seamlessly, in part because horror is a genre ripe for social commentary. With the increasingly insane political events in the country, Peele is sure to develop something particularly poignant. Peele will continue to explore the issued class with an adaptation of People under the stairs, so this could be a recurring theme that he systematically integrates into his work. Fans will have to wait a little under two years to find out what Peele is going to come up with, but it will sure be terrifying on many levels.

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