Johnny Depp Made Eight Figures From His Unique Scene Fantastic Beasts 3 – Report


Johnny Depp has been a follow-up to and relating to the actor. These two decisions followed each other in rapid succession alongside many other events unfolding in the United States last week, and filed a report deepening the decision of Warner Bros. to sever ties with the iconic actor.

One head-spinning revelation as dust still settles on the decision is that the studio is reportedly paying Depp a full eight-figure salary for the work he had done so far since production began on the 20th. September in London. -a total of one scene. In addition, many publications have already speculated and even recommended actors who should intervene to take on this role. It will likely be some time before this or any related decision is made – anonymous sources from Warner Bros. told The Hollywood Reporter that they “want due process to take its course” before major decisions about the film are made.

JK Rowling, the author of the Fantastic Beasts series, would “not have pushed back the decision of Warners to withdraw the actor from the franchise”. Depp was to have an equal share of screen time in the next film with Jude Law (Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events) and Eddie Redmayne (The Trial of the Chicago 7). It’s hardly a stunt double for Depp, but an eight-figure salary for a scene is probably an unusual record for any actor – and at the very least, a bit of unusual triviality.

On November 6, Depp responded to recent developments, thanking fans for their support and loyalty while noting that when asked to step down from the film, he “respected and accepted that request.” It is still unclear how this change will affect production.


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