John Mulaney participates in the “Presidential Elderly Men Competition” 2020 – Deadline


John Mulaney returned to host Saturday Night Live for the fourth time tonight and faced American politicians in her opening skit.He began his monologue by stating that he had spent his forties gorging on a new comedy series: the COVID-19 press briefings from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He described the briefings as a film script for a light family comedy. He said the governor appears to bring his personal issues into the briefing and fears the politician will continue the announcements beyond the pandemic.

“I’m concerned that when COVID is over, Cuomo won’t understand that his show is over,” Mulaney joked.

However, the governor of New York and brother of CNN’s Andrew Cuomo may be America’s “least strange politician,” Mulaney continued.

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Although he did not name any of the presidential candidates in his opening monologue, Mulaney said he was due to make an announcement on next week’s big election.

“On November 3, there is a contest for elderly men. There are two old men and you are supposed to vote, ”he said. “We could have the same old man or we could have a new old man… nothing will change much in the United States. The rich will continue to prosper while the poor languish. Families will be devastated by mental health issues and addictions and Jane Lynch will continue to book many projects and she will deliver.

Before closing her show by talking about her 94-year-old grandmother who will vote in the 2020 election, Mulaney urged audiences and viewers to cast their votes, albeit incorrectly.

“You have to vote, vote as many times as possible. Fill in every circle, ”he joked the voters. “If there’s a page that says ‘don’t write here,’ write whatever you want – that’s your space as an American. ”

Watch Mulaney’s full monologue above.


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