Jimmy Kimmel Teases Kayleigh McEnany For Inflating The Size Of ‘Million MAGA March’ Crowd


Donald Trump’s presidency started with an obvious lie from his press secretary about the size of the crowd, and apparently that ends, too.“There was a rally in Washington on Saturday, what they called the ‘MAGA Million March,’” Jimmy Kimmel said of the pro-Trump protest that took place over the weekend. “They were around 995,000 to less than a million, but don’t tell that to White House press secretary Kasey Macaroni, who did what Trump’s press secretaries are supposed to do,” she added. zeros in total.

The late night host then posted a tweet from Kayleigh McEnany, who wrote, “AMAZING! Over a MILLION walkers for President @realDonaldTrump descend on the swamp in support. Best foundation in political history – we LOVE you guys !!! With heart and American flag emojis for good measure

“Even Sean Spicer said, ‘Hey, that’s a bit too much,’ Kimmel joked. After explaining that local officials actually estimate the crowd size to be around 10,000, he said: “To be honest with Kayleigh, if you ask her how old she is, she puts her fingers up and says ‘as much’ .


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