Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo reunite in Ryan Reynolds “The Adam Project”


It’s been sixteen years since 13 Continue 30, and now Jenna and Matty AKA Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo are reuniting. Ruffalo and Garner have both signed Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming film The Adam project, and the best part? Ruffalo will play Reynolds’ father in the film.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed Monday that Ruffalo, along with actress Catherine Keener, has officially joined the increasingly impressive cast of the new sci-fi adventure which began production in Vancouver this week. Notable casting mentions also include Zoe Saldana, Black matterAlex Mallari, Jr. and newcomer Walker Scobell.

The Adam projectThe premise is certainly interesting. For the project, led by Reynolds and director Shawn Levy, the Dead Pool star will play a 13-year-old man who “travels through time for help himself” (played by Scobell). Most of us would probably pass the chance to appeal to angry teenage versions of ourselves, but, in Reynolds’ case, it’s a ‘save the world’ type scenario.

Ruffalo, for his part, will play Reynolds’ father who happens to be a brilliant physicist. Keener, on the other hand, will play a villain who makes himself an enemy of Ruffalo after stealing powerful technology from him. Mallari will play Keener’s accomplice.

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While Jennifer Garner’s role remains under wraps, Just Jared reports that Jen and Mark will both play Ryan’s parents. Honestly, we don’t know what’s more exciting – the promise of a star-studded Hollywood blockbuster, or the reunion between Ruffalo and Garner.

Obviously, this plot is a far cry from the nostalgia-inducing romantic comedy we grew to love in 2004, but nonetheless, it’s a reunion we didn’t know we needed.

While Garner and Ruffalo’s on-screen chemistry was undeniable at the time, we have no doubts about their potential for a strong mum and dad couple. The Adam project, which should be released on Netflix.

Director Shawn Levy initially teamed up with Reynolds on Guy gratuit, and The Adam project will be the first film produced under Reynolds’ recently announced program: The Group Effort Initiative. The program aims to give Blacks, Aboriginals, people of color or people from marginalized and excluded communities genuine work experience in the entertainment industry.

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