Jake Paul faces former NBA player Nate Robinson with devastating second round knockout


Jake Paul talked a lot about trash before battling former NBA player Nate Robinson and the YouTube celebrity backed up every word with his performance.

A devastating streak of right hands ultimately earned Paul a knockout blow after sending Robinson first to the canvas in the second round of the co-main event for the pay-per-view Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. on Saturday . night.

The end came at just 1:35 am of the second round as Paul went 2-0 in his boxing career.

“It was an overhand right,” Paul said of his knockout. “It was better than I expected. It takes a lot of balls to get into the ring. It feels good to win. I talk shit a lot but I support him.

It was a botched fight from Robinson as he showed off his newbie boxing skills while trying to chase Paul around the ring once he was released from the corner. Despite his best attempts to catch Paul while rushing in with punches, he didn’t connect to anything.

With Paul stepping forward with sheer aggression, Paul countered with a well-timed counter right hand that blew the former NBA player behind the ear and sent him crashing to the canvas. While Robinson complained about being shot in the back of the head, reruns showed Paul’s right hand connected just behind the ear, leading to the knockdown.

Robinson survived the second round but things only got worse for him from there.

Knowing that his opponent was still walking on rubber legs, Paul chased Robinson with a barrage of punches with a right hook that clubbed Robinson and put him back on the mat. The referee allowed Robinson to continue but the end was near.

Paul came after him in the next rally as he shot for the knockout and he delivered with a huge overhand right that blew Robinson up and sent him face first on the canvas. The referee immediately stopped the fight as Robinson lay still on the mat for several moments before finally getting to his feet.

While Paul rose to fame thanks to YouTube videos alongside his brother Logan, the 23-year-old Ohio native appears to be serious about his boxing career, at least when it comes to top fights. level like this. Afterwards, Paul continued to target a pair of MMA fighters he called in recent months as he sought to build his profile in combat sports.

“There is a long list of opponents that I want,” said Paul. “Conor McGregor, Dillon Danis, I’m going to knock them both out.


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