Jake Paul DESTROYS Nate Robinson as medics rush to ring after brutal knockout as Snoop Dogg calls it a ‘Hood fight’


JAKE PAUL obliterated former NBA basketball star Nate Robinson with a brutal second-round knockout.

Robinson planted his face after a curl as early as the second round and was sidelined as the fight finally turned to be choppy.


Jake Paul delivered a brutal knockout of Nate Robinson in the second round
Jake Paul was way too strong for Nate RobinsonCrédits: Getty Images – Getty

The medics and the referee rushed to help Robinson before, after more than a minute, he went to a stool.

Such was the brutality of the finish, music legend Snopp Dogg compared it to a ‘Hood fight’.

Robinson had been floored twice before in the embarrassing one-sided affair.

YouTube sensation Paul kicked off his boxing career with a victory over AnEsonGib, another social media celebrity, in January.

Paul wants to 'shock the world' and succeed in boxingsept
Paul wants to “shock the world” and succeed in boxingCrédits: Getty Images – Getty
It was clear like the day the fight was over
It was clear like the day the fight was overCrédits: Getty Images – Getty
There was serious concern for Nate Robinson after he crashed onto the web
There was serious concern for Nate Robinson after he crashed onto the web

And now he’s done two out of two with an outright victory – but that will leave questions to be asked about how those fights are punished.

The first round was a dismal affair, with the referee warning the two “boxers” to stop wrestling and “throw punches”.

It was Paul who landed the most significant of these, when he hit Robinson with a huge right towards the end of the round.

And Robinson was face down again in the second round when Paul crushed him with the same shot.

It was sometimes a complicated matter at Staples Centersept
It was sometimes a complicated matter at Staples CenterCrédits: Getty Images – Getty

The third reversal came soon – and it was brutal at that.

Another looping right hand sent Robinson crashing into the canvas and falling asleep.

The 36-year-old was laid down for almost a minute before being hoisted onto a seat by the referee.

Speaking after the weigh-in, Paul explained why he was so desperate to get inside the square circle.

Snopp Dogg described it as a 'Hood fight'sept
Snopp Dogg described it as a ‘Hood fight’Crédits: Getty Images – Getty

He added, “I love sports, you know. I was made for it. And for me, it’s the opportunity to prove people wrong.

“But it’s something I’ve fallen in love with, something I’m passionate about, something I’m good at and ready to take on the world.”

It was the mainstay of Mike Tyson’s epic comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr.

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