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A great weekend of football ended with a potential playoff preview between the Los Angeles Rams and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Neither team found much success in the football race, meaning the team that lined up the top pass attack would end up victorious. In this case, it was the Rams’ attack, led by his starting receivers, surpassing Tom Brady and its renowned receivers. It was a frustrating night for fantasy football managers, as many of the players who scored touchdowns weren’t the starting players in most rosters.

As always, this collection of fantastic reactions will include instant counts for talented players on each team, as well as ratings for players who saw their fantastic actions rise or fall during the action.

Los Angeles Rams à Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Gagnant: WR Robert Woods, Los Angeles Rams

The winner’s place definitely went to a Rams wide receiver; the only question was which. Cooper’s shot caught 11 of 13 passes thrown for 145 yards, while Woods caught 12 of 15 for 130 yards. Woods ended up narrowly beating Kupp because he scored the first touchdown of the game.

A single Rams wide receiver has caught 10 assists just six times in the past four seasons to come. This Monday Night Football performance now brings the total to eight. We might never have another game where Kupp and Woods both play so well together.

Perdant: RB Ronald Jones, Buccaneers de Tampa Bay

Jones was coming off a career game that saw him rack up 192 rushing yards and one touchdown on 23 carries. It seemed like the role at the start could finally be his with the way he played. Instead, he was largely ineffective tonight. He won the first 10 and second downs in the first quarter, gaining 16 yards on six carries. Over the remainder of the match, Leonard Fournette ended up taking over 60% of the early snaps (leading to more carries) while also playing over 90% of the shots from the third down. Fournette also took the goal line, which gave him the only running touchdown of the game. Going forward, Jones can only be trusted in games against weaker running defenses.

Player to cut: Malcolm Brown, Los Angeles Rams

The Rams’ running back spin was as frustrating as ever, with Darrell Henderson playing about half of the early snaps and Brown and Cam Akers sharing the remaining half.

Brown remained the third back but was blocked by a blocking pass most of the time, leaving him with a target for 8 yards. Brown’s value was helped by the fact that he typically played a good chunk of the time when the Rams were close to scoring. Tonight, when the Rams were less than 10 yards from a touchdown, the three full-backs played two shots.

Brown is still more valuable than Akers this year because of his hobby work, but a decrease in early snaps and a decrease in goal-line work takes away the value he once had.

Dynasty Watch: WR Van Jefferson, Los Angeles Rams

Jefferson, a second-round rookie, scored his first NFL touchdown tonight. At the start of the season, the Rams ran Jefferson with Josh Reynolds. This experience ended at week 3, but Jefferson continued to see a few snaps in every game. He’s ranged from three offensive shots to 14 in recent weeks, but he’s recorded one capture in five straight games.

Reynolds is an unrestricted free agent next offseason, and the Rams won’t be able to sign many players. Jefferson rated better than Reynolds – albeit on a small sample size – and he should surpass Reynolds if he can keep the starting role next year. It’s worth trading in the next few weeks, but not the next few days, as his touchdown has likely increased in value a bit.


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