Ivanka slammed for bragging about lower greenhouse gas emissions under Trump administration


Ivanka Trump has come under fire for bragging about a significant drop in greenhouse gas emission levels – caused by lockdowns put in place during the coronavirus pandemic.

With large numbers of Americans isolated for most of this year, greenhouse gas emissions in the United States have fallen 9.2%, according to a new report from private research organization Bloomberg New Energy. Finance.

The White House adviser tweeted to promote the achievement under her father’s administration, and was quickly sidelined for the deceptive boast.

“FACT: US-generated greenhouse gases will fall 9.2% this year, to their lowest level in at least three decades. @EPA, ”Ms. Trump tweeted.

US climatologist Michael Mann had a sharp response for Ms. Trump. “The Trump Climate Plan: Forget it,” he wrote on Twitter.

She faced a barrage of criticism on social media.

“You are so right, we often forget the plus side of the inept clumsiness of the coronavirus response – that with a quarter of a million dead and a stalled economy, reduced travel was actually good for the environment. . So yes? historian Kevin Kruse tweeted.

CNN’s Jake Tapper also took to Twitter to add appropriate context to Ms Trump’s claim.

“This is largely because of the pandemic and the economic disaster it has caused,” he wrote.

And Twitter user @SDBRMS told Ms Trump that the president’s response to the virus was to blame.

“It’s because we’re all at home, due to the inability to handle a COVID-19 pandemic. Epic failure of the regime of outgoing “President” Trump, “they tweeted.

BloombergNEF’s analysis found that this year’s drop was the largest on record and had fallen to levels not seen since the 1980s.

But much of the drop, around 40%, was due to the transport sector being down 14%, according to the Washington Post.

It is responsible for the largest contribution to greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, Bloomberg says.

The reduction means that the United States is now back on track to fulfill its responsibilities under the Paris climate agreement, despite the country’s withdrawal from the agreement by Donald Trump.

President-elect Joe Biden has previously appointed former Secretary of State John Kerry as special envoy to address the climate crisis.

And Mr Biden has vowed to join the Paris Agreement on the first day of his presidency.

“Today, the Trump administration officially left the Paris Climate Agreement,” Biden tweeted on November 4. “And in exactly 77 days, a Biden administration will join her. “


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