Israel launches Corona test site at airport en route to open skies


Ben-Gurion Airport’s ‘Check2Fly’ coronavirus test lab in Terminal 3 was inaugurated with an event on Monday attended by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Transport Minister Miri Regev and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein .Check2Fly is a joint project of Omega, a coronavirus. testing company and the Rambam healthcare campus in Haifa, with standard test results delivered within 14 hours for around 45 NIS. Rapid results will be available in around four hours for around 135 NIS. The prime minister joked with staff and technicians at the test site, deny the opportunity to be tested on site – it is tested regularly – saying, in English, “I gave to the office”. A staff member told the prime minister that 20,000 people a day could be tested, both from travelers leaving Israel and entering the country, and described how the tests would be transported to a laboratory and how the results would be returned. A technician was wearing a mask that had slipped off his nose and the Prime Minister advised him to put it back on properly. Speaking about when Israel would enter the third stage of a withdrawal from the lockdown regulations, he said: “We will decide today or tomorrow and if the infection rate increases, we will not go to the third stage. .. If the morbidity increases, it increases like, excuse me, a plane or a missile goes up in the sky, then it destroys the economy, and it wreaks havoc on people’s lives and health. He spoke of a minority of people who don’t play by the rules and said “no one wants to be a victim” of their lack of accountability. He advised people to treat everyone they meet as if they are carriers of the virus. Regev said: “When I took office I promised that we would create a lab at the airport that would give quick results for travelers leaving and entering the country” and was happy that it is now opening. . Given the current low number of travelers, she said results could be achieved in five to six hours instead of 14 for standard tests, but that would change as the skies open up to more air traffic. Eventually, she said, with permission from the health ministry, the more expensive rapid test could give results in two hours. It was only in Japan that there was a lab at the airport that could give such quick results, she said. She designated Dubai and the Seychelles Islands as two green destinations that would currently accept Israeli travelers. Edelstein praised Omega and Rambam and also had kind words for Professor Itamar Grotto, who was present at the event and who announced yesterday that he is stepping down as associate director general of the Israeli ministry of Health. Edelstein thanked Grotto for his contribution to public health. He also advised Israelis not to “brethren” (suckers) benefit those who do not follow health regulations.


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