Islamist political party deplores government crackdown on anti-France protesters instead of “fighting Hindus”


The situation is tense again in Pakistan as hundreds and thousands of Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) supporters took to the streets of Rawalpindi to protest against French President Emmanuel Macron for defending the people’s right to draw caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. Protesters took to the streets after Khadim Hussain Rizvi called for a demonstration against “blasphemy” in France.The protest started on Sunday and continued on Monday. Slogans such as “Gustakh-e-Rasool ki ek hi sazaa, Sar tan se Juda, Sar tan se Juda” (One punishment for blasphemy against the prophet, separation of the head from the body) were raised by the unruly crowd.

Clashes were reported Monday between police and demonstrators armed with sticks. “Heavy tear gas bombings also affected residents of neighboring areas, many complaining of difficulty in breathing,” said Dawn, quoted by a local resident. Dozens of TLP policemen and Islamists were injured in the clashes and transferred to hospitals.

Videos of the clashes and protests are all over social media. TLP calls it the “worst bombardment” on “lovers of the prophet” and history.

TLP also publishes videos where Muslims say the government “Badmash” (naughty) Imran Khan incites the reading forces “Kalma” against the “Kalma” reading Muslims in Rawalpindi while Muslims in Srinagar and Kashmir hope these same forces will. save them. He also lamented the fact that Pakistani forces are acting against the Namazis instead of “fighting the Hindus”.

The man in the video lamented that they are being punished “only for saying that the punishment for blasphemy is beheading.”

The TLP also says that the guns should be pointed at the French rather than the Muslims of Rawalpindi.

Smoke can also be seen in the air in other videos shared by TLP.

The demonstrators demand that the French embassy be closed in the country and that all diplomatic relations be severed with France for the crime of blasphemy. Protesters try to reach and close the Faizabad interchange that connects Rawalpindi to Islamabad.

Meanwhile, “millennial feminist journalist” Gharidah Farooqui declaimed on social media, “Where’s the government?” Where is the state, its writ and its power? A few thousand extremists, disbelievers and opponents of the law made the lives of millions of law-abiding citizens of Islamabad-Pindi miserable for two days. The state is just watching a show. Shame on you. Formerly entrepreneurs of Islam, now entrepreneurs of foreign policy. “

Pakistan: Muslims protest against France

Pakistani Muslims have been protesting against France for some time. Towards the end of last month, police had to fire tear gas and use batons to prevent an Islamist mob from reaching the French embassy. The demonstrators were then injured and the police blocked the way to the embassy.

Meanwhile, others have urged Pakistanis to resort to “digital jihad” against Emmanuel Macron.


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