Iron Man borrows infamous family-type joke


WARNING: Spoilers follow for VC’s Marvels Snapshots: Avengers # 1 by Barbara Randall Kesel, Staz Johnson, Tom Palmer, Jim Charalampidis and Ariana Maher, on sale now.

For years, readers have watched superheroes save the world from threats time and time again. However, the one thing the comics rarely show are the men and women on the ground keeping ordinary people safe as battles rage overhead, regularly destroying parts of the city.

In the latest issue of Snapshots of Wonders: Avengers, a scene performed that recalls one of the Family guymost popular jokes. The story had two main characters, a new paramedic in New York named Kerry and a rookie cop named Jay. Jay helped save lives during the Battle of Gray Gargoyle, and the police were in a bar afterwards to discuss the situation.

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The police explained how they were able to save lives rather than being like the “satin show-offs” having “crazy power fights” in town. Tony Stark was at this bar and argued that these “satin show-offs” were careful with the police. One officer said superheroes need to respect them because they do the same thing, but without jets or armor. Jay stepped in to calm the situation down, but he made a good point when speaking to Stark.

Jay said he was proud to be a police officer and their job was made more difficult because of the superhero fights. He said if the superheroes took two minutes of fighting to help them, it could be a difference between life and death. Jay said they admire what they do, but there will always be tension because of this fact. It was a big statement, and when Jay was on his way home from the bar, he faced a familiar face as Iron Man showed up to confront him. Iron Man gave Jay a card and told him if there was a life or death situation to contact him. Back in the present, someone was on the verge of death, and when Jay sent the message, Iron Man showed up and helped save the man’s life.

It was a good time, but it also brought back memories of another Marvel moment, this one from the cartoon, Family guy. The series has always usurped popular culture and has targeted Marvel on more than one occasion. There was also a running joke where Spider-Man appeared where the characters needed help on more than one occasion. The first time came in the Season 2 episode, “Let’s Go to the Hop”. In this episode, Peter was walking on the roof of his house when he slipped and fell from the roof. Fortunately, the straps saved him and Peter thanked Spider-Man. That’s when Spidey said, “everyone’s got one.”

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In the season 6 episode “Believe It or Not, Joe’s Walking on Air,” Joe can walk again, and he’s taking the guys to the mountains. However, Cleveland loses its grip and falls. When is it Family guy repeated the season 2 joke when Spider-Man saved him. When Cleveland thanked him, Spider-Man said, “Everyone’s got one, tell him Peter,” which Peter agreed to. In the Season 11 episode, “Joe’s Revenge,” Peter asks Spidey for help, but Spider-Man refuses. It appears to be just a one-time transaction. The fact that Iron Man seemed to offer to help save someone in a life-or-death situation seemed odd, but as Spider-Man put it, “everyone has one.”

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