Instagram reveals the best Thanksgiving pies by state – and many are scratching their heads


Without a doubt, your Thanksgiving spread includes some sort of pie. Instagram has attempted to determine the most popular Thanksgiving pie by state using data from user feeds over the past month.Instagram posted this “pie chart” and people are scratching their heads.

According to Instagram, Pumpkin Pie, which will feature on many tables over Thanksgiving, is the most popular pie in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Blueberry pie, a traditional summer pie, is most popular in New Jersey and five other states.

Strawberry Pie, yet another summer pie, leads in four other states.

Pecan Pie is the best turkey pie in some southern states and random in Indiana.

And let’s talk about the cranberry pie. What is cranberry pie?

Instagram’s pie research found that cranberry pie was the most popular Thanksgiving pie in the United States.

Even more dubious, Connecticut is the only state that loves Apple Pie on Thanksgiving.

Social media doesn’t. Most agree that pumpkin and apple pie are the staple foods on every Thanksgiving table from coast to coast.

And many wonder “what is cranberry pie?” ”

For what it’s worth, Sweet Potato Pie took victory in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

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