I’m a Victoria Derbyshire celebrity leaves viewers wondering after Vernon Kay comment


I’m a celebrity Victoria Derbyshire left viewers with a very important question after the last episode.Who smells in the camp?

The likelihood that they will all smell a little odor after almost a week at camp and get splashed with insects is very high.

But on Friday night’s show, BBC presenter Victoria made a comment that was not missed by I’m A Celeb viewers.

As she stood with her campmates Giovanna Fletcher and Vernon Kay, Vernon asked Victoria, “Be honest with me: ‘Do I smell? ”

Victoria de Bury said, “No, you don’t,” to which Vernon replied, “Someone smells!” ”

“Yeah, I know who it is and I’m wondering whether or not to just say, ‘Take the shower!’ Victoria replied, but attention soon turned to Sir Mo Farah who had just returned from his first solo BushTucker Trial.

So the smelly culprit remains a mystery and viewers are wondering who it is.

“Me who determines who smells Victoria smells,” wrote one viewer.

Another said: “I’m still trying to understand the person with BO that Victoria and Shane were talking about …”

“I never sleep properly again until this is resolved,” added a third.

A fourth wondered: “I count Jordan! When he did his first try with Shane, Shane made a comment that he should use the deodorant they provided for them. ”

While another predicted, “Jordan or Bev, they both look the worse for wear. ”

“Dying to know who it is,” read a final comment.


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