I’m A Celeb’s Shane Richie and AJ Pritchard clash as spirits soar in camp’s first bust


AJ Pritchard of I’M A Celebrity lost his rag and told Shane Richie to fall asleep and forgot to wash tonight.

The former strictly professional dancer previously told The Sun that “if someone is lazy or really rude” at camp, it “will really bother me.”


AJ Pritchard broke up against Shane Richie for the dishesCredit: ITV

And AJ’s patience was strained tonight as he couldn’t boil water because the pots and pans hadn’t been cleaned.

AJ, 26, walked up to EastEnders legend Shane, 56, and asked him to wash up – as it was his stint at the camp.

“I need hot water, I let them soak last night, everything is ready to be cleaned but I need hot water,” Shane replied.

“But you left them in the pot that makes the hot water,” AJ raged.

AJ didn’t think Shane was pulling his weightCredit: ITV
They argued over the dishes in the camp


They argued over the dishes in the campCredit: ITV

“What did you leave in the pan?” Shane asked.

AJ replied, “The big pot we put the hot water in. ”

Shane glanced at Vernon Kay as AJ walked away and said, “It’s not working for me, waiting for someone to do this…”

Speaking about Shane in The Telegraph, AJ said, “His response was that I need boiling water to do the dishes, well we need pots and pans to boil the water. “

AJ Pritchard broke up against Shane Richie for the dishes5
AJ Pritchard broke up against Shane Richie for the dishes

Shane later complained to Victoria Derbyshire: “This is where people get fucked. ”

Speaking in the Telegraph, AJ said, “I love my job because it’s like a ‘soft persuasion’ or a nudge to some people to maybe say ‘here’s the dishes, you have to do it’. ”

It looks like spirits are seething at camp for the first time just a day after the new pecking order was announced, with Jordan North taking over the camp with Victoria as an assistant.

Viewers took to Twitter to discuss the clash.

Shane was not happy when AJ woke him up with the argument5
Shane was not happy when AJ woke him up with the argument

“I really think Shane just got fucked, he wasn’t a camp leader,” one tweeted.

“Shane showing his true colors, damn you already think maybe it’s because camp leader Jordan lol,” added another.

A third wrote: “In Shane’s defense, AJ bit him in the first hour of the morning while Shane wakes up to do the dishes when Shane couldn’t because he needed hot water…”

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