I’m a celebrity Shane Richie urged to fire AJ Pritchard by dancer’s girlfriend


Shane Richie was urged to fire AJ Pritchard – by the Strictly star’s girlfriend.Some fans have accused Shane of bullying AJ after the Thursday night show in which he threw his dish at AJ in a long-standing feud over cleaning the dishes.

Now his girlfriend, Abbie Quinnen, said Shane was not “as nice to AJ as he was to the other campmates,” adding, “AJ is a real gentleman, he literally doesn’t like no one.

Abbie said she was particularly upset by Shane’s son Shane Junior, who cruelly berated AJ on social media after the dancer questioned his father’s dishwashing skills.

Shane Jnr, whose mother is Coleen Nolan, called AJ “a little whore”.

Abbie says, “I appreciate that he’s fighting for his dad, but I don’t think it’s nice that he called AJ a little bastard and he’s crossed the line.

Abbie Quinnen has defended her boyfriend AJ Pritchard against criticism and wants Shane Richie to fire him

She added, “What we all need to remember is that this is a TV show and it’s for entertainment. I’m sure AJ and Shane will get along really well most of the time ”.

Shane Jnr criticized some fans yesterday for claiming his father was a bully – and appeared to lash out at TV bosses.

He said, “I know it’s a TV show but you’re playing with people’s lives, man. If there really is tension, I totally agree. Or do you edit to create tension? This is what I do not agree with. I know it’s TV, but there are some terrible comments and it’s not fair.

Shane Nolan had his comments criticized by AJ’s girlfriend

Shane later added, “Nothing happens to me until the word ‘Bully’ is marked. We throw that away so easily these days, that’s all that’s wrong with society at min.

Abbie said that while she didn’t feel like Shane was intimidating AJ, the scenes between AJ and Shane left her puzzled.

“I hope these were just a few one-off events,” she says. “AJ is really sweet and gets along with everyone. It is very balanced. AJ has the ability to get along with anyone and everyone, people always say he is nice and how likeable he is to everyone he meets.

Among AJ’s high standards for cleaning, this is nothing new.

AJ Pritchard with his beloved girlfriend Abbie Quinnen, who explained his behavior to the Daily Mirror

“He’s just very OCD and likes everything in perfect shape, just like he’s at home, where he and his brother Curtis are totally opposites. Curtis is really relaxed and carefree with the cleaning, but AJ likes things to be done a certain way.

Abbie also shared how she got trolled more than ever since AJ was on the show.

The 23-year-old even received death threats from obsessed fans, leaving her terrified.

Abbie says since AJ’s appearance on I’m A Celebrity, she’s been faced with lagging behind on social media

“Because it’s in the public eye and everyone is watching I’m a Celebrity, there’s definitely more abuse,” she says. “Everyone loves AJ and wants him to be THEIR boyfriend.

“I have a hard time reading the comments I get on social media. AJ was very supportive of me and told me not to read it. I try to stay really positive because I know how much happiness he brings to a lot of people, which makes me really happy ”.

Receiving death threats, she added, “It’s crazy that some people have this tendency and want to ruin people’s lives.”

AJ Pritchard almost found the opportunity to enter the castle ravaged by Covid-19

Abbie also discussed how Covid nearly sabotaged AJ’s dream of I’m a Celebrity – saying the two were left ‘petrified’ he wouldn’t be able to participate after testing positive.

Abbie, who also had Covid despite the lack of symptoms, admits: “AJ was getting really, really stressed out about it. I was worried about him, as we had known for so long, and he was so excited to come in.

“The thought that he couldn’t do it broke his heart. But when the negative tests came in, we were over the moon and opened a bottle of champagne.

I’m a celebrity, get me out of here! continues tonight at 9 p.m. on ITV.


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