I’m A Celebrity ‘Disgusting’ Trial Award Blasted By Viewers As Stars Are Disappointed With The Pigeon


I’m A Celebrity contestants and viewers were unhappy with the “disgusting” meal given to the camp after the ladies’ efforts in a particularly dark trial on Sunday night. After losing to their male co-stars in Friday night’s live trial, Jessica Plummer, Beverley Callard, Giovanna Fletcher, Ruthie Henshall, Victoria Derbyshire and Hollie Arnold missed a slapped meal and then had to face the Bar-baric. trial.

The trial, which hosts Ant and Dec, dubbed one of the most fragrant in I’m A Celebrity history, saw the women chained to a bar in a room with their hands in boxes, where they were joined by a dreadful business comprising offal, fish guts. , rats, spiders and snakes, as they were released one by one, leaving BBC reporter Victoria to grapple with the worst.

After winning an impressive 10 stars for the camp, the girls and their counterparts back in the castle were expecting a real feast for dinner and therefore were disappointed to be presented with a pigeon!

Speaking in the Telegraph, Victoria blasted, “Pigeon… Smidgen”, before adding later: “We suffered trauma for a bloody pigeon! ”

Echoing those sentiments, Giovanna added, “Pigeon, are you kidding, I’m not impressed. ”

Speaking in the Telegraph, Vernon said, “A dark mood tonight the girls found the trial quite difficult and it’s a weird atmosphere, it’s the first time we’ve had this kind of thing. “

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As the contestants got into the pigeon, the new camp leader Jordan suggested they pretend it was chicken, but AJ retorted, “It didn’t taste like chicken, it was bloody pigeon.

Viewers sympathized with their frustrations, with a tweet: “I’d rather starve than eat a filthy pigeon” and another responded: “I’d rather eat toilet crap than eat a bloody pigeon NO THANKS”

A third posted: “Fried pigeons? No thank you, I’d rather starve. ”

However, there was a bit of love for the pigeon on Twitter, with another viewer commenting, “Come on guys, the pigeon is delicious. “


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