I’m a celebrity castle haunting a ghostly figure spotted at a window on launch night


I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here! appears to have an additional campmate after a ghostly figure was apparently seen at a window in Gwrych Castle on the ITV show’s launch night. It has been reported that the show’s crew “refuse to work in the castle at night” due to “horrible noises” and fear of seeing apparitions.

Celebrities might find that their three-week stay in North Wales could turn into living hell and that’s without the Bushtucker trials to make their days tough.

Claims that a dark figure was seen in one of the windows of the 200-year-old castle could mean their overnight stays could become a test on their own.

Gwrych Castle in Abergele in North Wales has a history of paranormal activity

The new location for the show hosted by Ant and Dec has a history of paranormal activity and it has been claimed that a dark human-like figure was seen on camera staring into the night.

Campmates might have to pay more than lip service to this claim as the castle website boasts that “real-life ghost encounters by visitors to Gwrych Castle are commonplace.”

An employee of the attraction told The Sun: “A few people have claimed to have seen a floating woman in white.

“The ghost hunters also claimed to have sensed the presence of her and the game wardens. We think the Countess might be unhappy because her husband has stripped the castle of valuables.

“They certainly didn’t have a happy marriage. ”

It has also been claimed by locals that the spirit of a maid also runs through the estate. She is believed to have died after falling from a horse there.

Campmates may have visitors on the other side

Gemma Williams, a paranormal investigator, told the Daily Mail that she was “chased by a glowing woman in a red dress” overnight.

She said, “My friends and I stood there in absolute shock watching her.

“She was wearing an old red dress, a white shawl passing over her arms, and curly blonde hair.

“We heard an almighty cry from him, it was really really loud, which made us run again, it broke the trance.

“We all went to the back and said one by one that we had seen a lady in a red dress. There was no explanation for this. ”

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