ICU doctor warns “this is what you will see at the end of your life if Covid precautions are not taken


So he made a video simulating the intubation of a Covid patient, in what could be the last moment of his life when he is awake and lucid.

“I hope the last moments of your life don’t look like this,” said Remy in the video, holding a laryngoscope and breathing tube used when intubating patients. “Because that’s what you’ll see at the end of your life if we don’t start wearing masks when we’re in public. ”

Remy is a pediatric and adult critical care scientist at Washington University Medical Center in St. Louis. He says he has treated more than 1,000 Covid patients and has intubated more than 100.

Missouri roughly doubles the number of Covid cases every month. The state reports well over 4,000 new cases of Covid every day.

Increasingly, Remy hears people falsely claiming that wearing masks is ineffective in preventing Covid; some patients tell him that they are not afraid of the virus because the probability of dying from Covid is low.Remy reversed this logic.

“If I were to win the lotto with these odds, I would play it every day,” he said of the odds of dying from Covid-19.

It’s not just a doctor in intensive care; Remy heads the University of Washington’s Covid lab which is testing new treatments to help patients survive.

After holding up the laryngoscope and breathing tube in the video, Remy continues: “I promise you this is what your mother, father or children, when they contract Covid disease, will see at the end of their life. . It’s serious. Please take the necessary precautions to reduce the transmission of Covid disease so that we can effectively prevent the disease for you and your loved ones. ”

Over the past few weeks, Remy says they are seeing a significant increase in cases and hospitalizations. They had so many deaths, their mortuary is full, he said.

That, and after hanging up on the phone with another family who lost a loved one to Covid, forced them to take action and get people to follow preventive precautions.

“A lot of these patients will die unexpectedly and at the end of the day, as an intensive care doctor, I’m the one to call,” he says. “I think it weighed on me. “


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