Hong Kong: Seven Pro-Democracy Lawmakers Arrested | Hong Kong


Hong Kong police arrested seven pro-democracy lawmakers at a parliamentary meeting that descended into violence in May.

The arrests on Sunday of lawmakers Wu Chi Wai, Andrew Wan, Helena Wong, Kwok Wing Kin, Eddie Chu, Raymond Chan and Fernando Cheung were announced on individual and party Facebook pages.

Hong Kong police told the Guardian they received a report from the Legislative Council secretariat on May 8, the day of the meeting, and investigations led to the arrest of the seven people by the incident investigation team. public order, suspected of contempt and interference with LegCo officers.

“All those arrested are being held for further investigations. The operation is underway and new arrests could be made, ”police said.

During the chaotic May meeting, opposing lawmakers threw up placards and rushed at each other to take control of an important House committee that had not been able to elect a new speaker .

Pro-Beijing lawmaker Starry Lee took control of the committee, which had been deadlocked for weeks. The opposing camps each presented conflicting legal opinions on the legality of Lee taking control and pushing through issues, including controversial laws. Security personnel trained a guard protecting the chair after Lee took his seat.

In the chaos, Chu attempted to climb a wall to get past the pro-Beijing mob surrounding Lee and reach the chair, before he and others were physically transported or dragged by security. Chan was dragged to the ground by pro-Beijing lawmaker Kwok Wai Kweung.

Others were dragged or knocked down, and pro-democracy lawmaker Claudia Mo, who stood out of the fray, appeared to have been hit in the head by a flying sign.

The arrests come amid widespread repression of opposition and dissent in Hong Kong that has intensified since the introduction of the National Security Act in June, which prohibited acts considered secession, subversion , foreign collusion and terrorism. It has been widely criticized as being too broad and ill-defined, and in violation of international human rights law.

At least 27 people have been arrested under the law, including three people arrested twice.


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