Hockey fans cry scandal over promotion of Tim Hortons card in NHL in Canada


Canadian hockey card collectors want to put Tim Hortons in the penalty box.
Former investment banker and his 10-year-old son say there is something fishy about promoting this year’s National Hockey League hockey cards, after the two bought pair after pair of packs from Canadian fast food giant Tim Hortons in Toronto.

Christopher Lau and his son were hoping to catch a full deck of cards, which includes special, autographed, plastic-sealed “clean cuts” and “franchise trios,” which feature three players on one card.

They bought dozens of packs of cards, but were unable to compile a full set, leading them to suspect that something was wrong with the promotion, which started last month.

“They list the odds at the back of the pack, so you only have to buy about 12 packs before you hit those inserts,” Christopher Lau said in an interview with the Toronto Star. “Something is wrong.”

Lau, who was trained as an engineer, suspects someone is picking the top cards, including “clean cuts” and multiplayer “franchise trios”. Clear Clear Cups appear in every 12 pack and trios appear in one in 24, according to the ratings printed on the packages.

“A lot of kids and parents may have spent hundreds of dollars on these packs before they knew they had almost no chance of completing a set or feeling the joy of getting a good draw – a [Connor] McDavid Trio or one [Sidney] Crosby Clear, ”he told the newspaper. “They’re fooled before they even nibble the foil on the corner pack to open them.

In a statement, Tim Hortons said it had no evidence of cheating in 2020. The company has implemented “strict security measures” and provided “clear training material” to ensure the promotion This year’s annual NHL card is fair and all customers have opened a pack containing a rare and valuable card, the company said.

The resale market for special hockey cards can be very profitable. A Sidney Crosby signature card is currently on sale for $ 2,000. A Connor McDavid clearcut can cost $ 22 and an Edmonton Oilers trio can be worth as much as $ 60, according to the Toronto Star.


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