“He was a porch puppy”


Kenyon Martin sparked an interesting conversation with his last article in Basketball News, where he explains why the NBA is significantly softer than it was in his time. Much of Martin’s argument rests on the disappearance of the “performer” in many teams and how the absence of that role allowed for a finer style of play. He listed names like Zach Randolph, Kurt Thomas, Antonio Davis, David West and Dale Davis as players of a broken mold. However, Martin was sure not to romanticize his era by pointing out some of the players who barked more than bit.Speaking of Hall of Fame Kevin Garnett in particular, Martin said:

“You can’t turn a porch dog into a guard dog, and there are a lot of poodles in the NBA right now,” […] There were also guys like that when I was playing. Kevin Garnett was a porch puppy – a miniature Chihuahua in the body of a Doberman Pinscher. I told him to his face, “You’re a porch puppy. All you do is bark. He never wanted me to smoke. I said right away, “You better get your ass back in your clique before I get mad.” Dahntay Jones heard it; you can ask him. ”

It should be interesting to hear how KG reacts to K-Mart’s (somewhat) derogatory remarks.

Source: twitter.com


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