Harley-Davidson Hints the Future of Drag Racing is Electric


When it comes to evaluating drag racing performance on the track, you can’t find a better group of people groomed for the job than the Vance and Hines Harley-Davidson Pro Stock team. One year ago when I interviewed Andrew Hines following his victorious season on the FXDR, I asked him what he thought of the electrical performance and if a LiveWire electric bike could one day find its way into the ranks of the NHRA ProStock. Although I obviously got a non-binding response from the runner, this video de la série Harley’s Science of Speed seems to indicate that this is a direction the Motor Company wishes to follow.

While this is clearly an ad developed by Harley for its own products, this little 10 minute video is actually quite interesting. The principle is quite simple, put your three Pro Stock drivers – Andrew Hines, Angelle Sampey and Eddie Krawiec – used to running quarter mile times in six years, on a fully stocked FXDR 114 and a fully stored LiveWire to compare the the company’s fastest gasoline bike with its only electric bike. Line them up on the Strip and see what happens.

The test results are quite convincing. It doesn’t take much to see that LiveWire is significantly faster than offline FXDR. That adds up to a quarter mile of time in the low 11s, with a 0-60 around 3 seconds on the nose and the fastest bar and shield motorcycle ever built. It’s not near the bikes that these riders run in NHRA events, but it’s no slouch like the performance street bikes. The most interesting part about this, for me, is the consistency that LiveWire offers versus FXDR. Even for riders who religiously practice clutch and throttle discipline, their reaction times were noticeably slower on the gas bike than on the EV.

If you’re Harley, why wouldn’t you want your racing bike to be based on your fastest street bike? And if you’re the NHRA, why wouldn’t you want to showcase future, sustainable speed technology? Electricity is the future of sports like this. It would be great to see a Harley Livewire built by Vance and Hines perform 6 second sprints. Let’s go!


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