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Lewis Hamilton wants to reduce the number of trips he makes between races when he signs a new contract to drive for Mercedes next year.With 23 record-breaking rounds on the 2021 F1 calendar, Hamilton said maximizing the time he has for himself will be part of the conversation around his contract to stay with the team next year. has shown that, for example, you can work from home, ”he told the BBC. “So I’m sure there will be a lot of Zoom dates in the contract rather than the current days, which means I have to fly less. ”

Hamilton was once famous for traveling the world frequently between races. He previously owned a private jet and made dozens of transatlantic trips there each year. He later sold the plane and cut back on his trips, which were further curtailed when the pandemic hit.

After winning a record-breaking seventh world championship on Sunday, Hamilton said he was eager to celebrate it with his family, most of whom he has been unable to see this year due to the pandemic.

“Time spent with friends and family is the most important,” he says. “If we start to travel more [I want to] take my family somewhere and make memories with them and celebrate with them just by being there. This year, I couldn’t see them and it was the hardest.

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Hamilton is also putting more effort into promoting diversity in motorsport through the Hamilton Commission, which he announced in June.

“I first want to know what the real problem is so that we can solve it effectively,” he explained. “I work with the Royal Academy of Engineering in London, we have this amazing commission. Great people, they are all academics, people who work in the field in black communities, others in politics.

“This research that we are doing is trying to understand why there is a dearth of young black children applying for STEM. [science, technology, engineering and mathematics] topics. What are the obstacles? ”

While Hamilton has often commented on the lack of diversity within F1 teams, including his own, he said it is important for teams to practice “impartial recruitment”.

“You want people to win the job,” he says. “No one wants to be handed over, we don’t want to create a position of forcing these teams to just hire people, minorities, in order to fill a space.

“We want to create an opportunity for people who are genuinely educated and who have deserved the right [to be there]. »

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